7 Top Rated Lawn Aerators to Buy lawn

7 Top Rated Lawn Aerators to Buy lawn

Do you have a lawn? If so, then you know that keeping it healthy takes a lot of work. One of the most important things you can do to keep your lawn looking great is to aerate it regularly. Aerating your lawn helps improve drainage, reduces soil compaction, and allows air and water to reach the roots of your grass.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best lawn aerators on the market today. We will also provide you with some guidance on selecting the best option that meets your requirements. So if you're looking for a way to take care of your lawn efficiently and affordably, read on!

If you reside in an area with dense clay soil, or your lawn suffers from frequent foot traffic, the dirt will gradually become compressed. This hinders the grass's capacity to intake oxygen and water it needs for respiration, resulting in a patchy and unappealing-looking lawn.

Why Do I Need To Aerate My Lawn?

Lawn aeration is a beneficial practice to reduce soil compaction and manage lawn thatch, an organic matter of dead grass and roots accumulating near the base of living grass. Aeration creates tiny holes in your lawn, encouraging root division that wouldn't otherwise occur naturally. This encourages more blades of grass to grow while keeping the existing ones thickly rooted as they fill up these new spaces with roots. With regular aeration and care, you can guarantee lush green turf all year round!

If you want to discover the amazing benefits of aerating your lawn, I highly recommend taking a look at this video by Dirt Farmer Jay. You won't believe how much healthier and greener your grass can be!

How Do I Aerate My Lawn?

Before aerating your lawn, ensure you remove any obstructions and water it properly. If using sprinklers, make sure to identify the heads since aerator spikes or plugs can seriously harm them. When selecting an aerator for your turf, pick one that is suitable for it. Then use the apparatus as you traverse across the grassland to uproot plugs and create cavities within its soil bedding.

By making holes in your lawn, air, water, and essential nutrients can penetrate deeply into the soil to foster root growth of turf while reducing compaction. Don't fret over any plugs left behind - they will decompose over time and feed extra nourishment to your grass! For optimal results after aeration within 48 hours, you should overseed, fertilize and also provide ample water as these three elements have a higher chance of infiltrating down through those holds made by an aerator when applied soon after its completion.

When Buying a Lawn Aerator, What Should I Consider?

Before making any decisions, it is important to think about the size of your lawn and whether a manual or tow-behind aerator would be more suitable for you. Manual models take longer but allow for more control when tending to tree roots and stomping in-between spaces. On the flip side, tow-behinds require less energy which makes them perfect for areas where thatch tends to build up faster. No matter what model you choose, make sure that those tight corners and narrow park strips don't get overlooked!

While selecting lawn aerators, there are two essential characteristics to be taken into account - spike length and material used for fabrication. The appropriate prick size depends on the depth of your grass; if you have thatched-up ground with thick dirt patches, go for longer pricks. For sturdiness and durability pick models made from solid steel or aluminum sheeting.

What Are the Benefits of a Lawn Aerator?

Lawn aerators are an excellent way to make your lawn stronger and grow fuller. During hot weather, the roots of your grass will become more solidified leading to thicker growth with fewer dry patches of dirt. Aerating before seeding ensures that seeds penetrate deep into the soil - simply put those grass seeds in the holes created from removing plugs for better use of fertilizer and seed! Ultimately, you'll enjoy a lusher lawn with incredibly strong roots by using this strategy regularly.

Aerators help to keep your lawn healthy and lush by reducing thatch buildup, enabling the grass to get the oxygen, moisture, and nutrients it needs. Not only does aerating provide this benefit but in core aeration specifically, the plugs can decompose over time and offer additional surface-level nutrition for your soil.

Comparing the Top Lawn Aerators of 2023 in Detail

1. Best Overall - Yard Butler Lawn Aerator

Yard Butler Lawn Aerator

Transform your old lawn and bring it back to life with the Yard Butler Lawn Coring Aerator! This handy device is 3.5 inches long, and its grass plugs pierce deep into compact soil to unlock air, water, and fertilizer access at the root zone of your turf. Not only will this increase drought resistance while boosting heat tolerance; this durable manual aerator and dethatcher is built for a lifetime of use - making it ideal if you have a small-to-medium sized yard rather than renting an expensive machine.

For maximum effectiveness, make sure to water your lawn before aerating, particularly if it has been weeks since the last rainfall and you don't use a sprinkler. After utilizing this device for the day, submerging the coring tips in some water will help prevent soil from drying out inside them which could lead to clogging.


  • Encourages root growth through an invigorating "pruning" of the roots.
  • Not only will removing the cores from your lawn improve its appearance, but it also deposits beneficial microorganisms on the surface that can promote healthy grass growth.
  • The ergonomic handle grips, with their soft cushioning, make this device more comfortable and easier to use.


  • To use this device correctly, you must grip both handles - which may cause a minor disruption.

2. Runner Up - Agri-Fab Lawn Aerator

Agri Fab Lawn Aerator

The Agri-Fab Push Spike Aerator is an effortless walk-behind spike lawn aerator with five galvanized spikes to make soil penetration easier, allowing your grass access to air, nutrients, and water. A steel weight tray holds up to 16kg of concrete blocks for more pressure in the ground. To get optimal results from this product we recommend that you wet your lawn before usage - it works best when used on damp soil!


  • The star-shaped tines of the array rotate, cutting into the soil and allowing vital elements such as seed, water, sunlight, air, and fertilizer to reach down to the roots.
  • Utilizing concrete blocks to leverage the pressure of spikes, deepening and simplifying soil penetration.
  • Assembling it is effortless, making the process straightforward and hassle-free.


  • This device is heavier and takes more effort to push due to the extra weight, thus requiring additional labor.

3. Best Multi-Functional - VonHaus Lawn Aerator

VonHaus Lawn Aerator

This advanced system, with two distinct dethatcher and aerator drums, easily removes moss from your lawn by way of sprung prongs. It comes equipped with a 12.5A motor that assists in clearing organic material from the surface and puncturing the ground for grass growth optimization. Additionally, its attached 45L collection box eliminates tedious raking - just scoop it up after use! For best results, always remember to start by detatching first.


  • This mower stands out by having a folding handle with a soft grip and a detachable grass box, making it easy to store away.
  • Easily customize to your needs with a lever that adjusts height depths in 5 distinct operational heights.
  • Featuring a convenient built-in handle, transporting this item is effortless!


  • Unlike traditional aerators that puncture the ground with pins, this tool won't dig deep enough to provide effective soil penetration.

4. Honorable Mention - Gardzen Lawn Aerator

Gardzen Lawn Aerator

Garden's heavy-duty plug aerator is designed with a steel frame and coated in black powder for maximum longevity. The hollow tines of this device work to remove plugs from the soil, making room for essential air, water, and nutrients to get through to your lawn’s roots. This handy tool is ideal for breaking up small yards or problem areas in larger ones - you'll be able to see results almost instantly!


  • Crafted from only the finest steel, this product boasts an unsurpassable level of durability and strength.
  • The ergonomic handle grips of this product make it a pleasure to use, ensuring maximum comfort.
  • Operating is both straightforward and cost-efficient, making it easily accessible to everyone.


  • Unwanted dirt and debris can accumulate in the plugs, necessitating a screwdriver to remove them.

5. Contender - Step ‘N Tilt Lawn Aerator

Step ‘N Tilt Lawn Aerator

The Step 'N Tilt Lawn Aerator makes aeration a breeze - even for those without previous experience. It's much faster and more efficient than manual aerators, you just need to step on the platform and pull back the handlebar! This revolutionary tool is both incredibly practical and immensely enjoyable, making it perfect for DIYers as well as professional landscapers. Keep in mind that this product should only be used with grassy areas; any bare soil could cause clogging of tines.

The Step 'N Tilt core lawn aerator requires a moist soil environment to function optimally. We suggest that you aerate your lawn one day after the soil has been adequately dampened by rainfall or irrigation, as water can take some time to absorb into firmer soils like clay. To ensure sufficient moisture levels for optimum performance, if you have an automated sprinkler system in place each zone should be run for between 60 and 90 minutes before aerating.


  • Unsatisfied customers are eligible for a full purchase price refund plus the cost of return shipping.
  • Designed to prevent clogging, the case is crafted with robustness in mind for greater longevity.
  • This unit comes with an optional soil core container and a corresponding soil core remover for your convenience.


  • The tines may wear down quickly, however, they can be easily sharpened or replaced to get the job done.

6. Also, Consider - Truly Holey Lawn Aerator

Truly Holey Lawn Aerator

If you're a homeowner with your lawn, or if you run a successful lawn care business, the Truly Holey Manual Lawn Aerator is an indispensable part of your toolkit. This dependable and durable device doesn't clog up as easily as other aerators do and will work on any type of soil - so it's perfect for helping to break through dense soil layers to allow oxygen into the root zone. Don't miss out on this vital piece of equipment!

By using the foot bar of this aerator, you can get exceptional soil cores as long as your index finger even in hard clay or high-traffic areas. If you have small turf spots that are diseased or dry, Truly Holey is perfect for them! You will be able to access those tight corners and narrow park strips that a machine cannot reach - not to mention between tree roots and stepping stones that no other tool would be capable of penetrating.


  • The aerating tines of this product remain clear and unblocked, while soil cores are easily expelled from the device.
  • Crafted from the highest-grade steel, this product is strong yet lightweight.
  • This product is backed by an unbeatable lifetime warranty on all welds.


  • Costlier than its competitors, but it’s within the same range as soil core probes if you’re looking for one of those.

7. Great Option - EnvyGreen Lawn Aerator

EnvyGreen Lawn Aerator

Transform your unkempt soil - whether sand, clay, or loam - into a stunningly vibrant garden with these aerator shoes! Featuring 2.1-inch spikes and comfortable Velcro straps that easily secure onto the foot using a hook and loop system; no need to readjust every time you put them on. It's also an enjoyable activity for the whole family as everyone can now help revitalize the lawn together in style!


  • Ready to go straight out of the box - no assembly necessary!
  • With EnvyGreen, aerating your lawn is a breeze; these garden boots are designed to accommodate virtually all feet sizes!
  • EnvyGreen stands by its product and offers a money-back guarantee for up to 12 months after purchase.


  • This product is strongly dependent on the weight of its user; therefore, it can only be reliably used by individuals weighing a maximum of 90kg.

People Also Asked

Is lawn thatch good or bad for your lawn?

A layer of dead organic matter, known as thatch, can be beneficial for lawns. It helps keep the temperature moderate and prevents evaporation when it is at a reasonable depth. However, too much thatch reduces soil oxygenation and decreases how well water penetrates the ground.

How much do aerators cost?

Aerators come in a variety of sizes and prices, all depending on the size of your lawn. However, you don't have to break the bank; even tow-behind models are relatively affordable investments. But remember that an aerator is not only cost-effective but also something you will use for years - it's practically a lifetime investment!

How often should I aerate my lawn?

To decide when to aerate your lawn, consider the kind of grass you have planted, the climate in which it grows, and how much hydration it has obtained. While you can aerate any season, late summer or early fall is ideal as this is also when overseeding occurs; allowing seeds to rest within holes created by aeration will help them settle into the soil more securely so they won't be a victim to erosion. If that's not possible, spring comes second best.

Can I aerate my lawn with a pitchfork?

For smaller lawns, you can efficiently aerate the soil with a spading or pitchfork. All you have to do is insert it into the ground as deep as possible and rock it gently back and forth to expand the holes in your turf layer. As you move around your lawn, make sure that each hole overlaps with one another for maximum effectiveness. Although this method is ideal for small areas, larger yards may require more effort since they take much longer to cover completely--so plan accordingly!

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