About Us

Hello! My name is James Goodman and I’m the founder of getlawnmower.com, your 1 stop site for all your lawn mower related questions!

Since my childhood, I have been doing lawn maintenance. Every other weekend you would find

me. Cutting the grass of my family’s or neighbor’s lawn. Back then, it was only about to earn a few

bucks to buy me snacks or games. But slowly it turns it into a business that is earning me

full-time income. This gives me enough opportunity to learn about various aspects of lawn

maintenance. As we all know how hard it is to maintain an enviable lush green lawn. There at

least thousands of questions in our minds about what things to do and which equipment. Even

the finest gardener around us sometimes need help. Therefore, I created this blog with a

mission to help those people who don’t know much about mower and gardening. Or people who

find themselves at a dead end. By doing things, again and again, during all that time, I have

collected enough knowledge to be able to give advice to others. So If you’re looking to learn

everything about lawn mowers for your home or business, this is the right place to be.

If you have any questions please let me know. I’ll gladly assist you ASAP.

Email: messageus@getlawnmower.com

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