The 5 Best Lawn Mower For 5 Acre Lot

5 Best Lawnmower For 5 Acre Lot

Finding a good lawnmower for a big size lawn is quite difficult because there are too many options available and it’s confusing to choose a good one. So for this article, I’ll review 5 of the best lawnmower for 5 acre lot. I’ll cover all the aspects in detail so that you can finally decide which one to buy.

Lawn Mower For 5 Acre Lot is the best lawn mower to use when you have a lawn that is larger than one acre in size. You can find all the information you need to know about these types of lawn mowers right here.

The 5 Best Lawn Mower For 5 Acre Lot

Best Lawnmower For 5 Acre Lot- Troy- Bilt Pony Riding Lawn Mower

Design and build

Troy-Bilt pony 42X is a tractor style riding lawnmower. It looks like a miniature tractor which gives it a powerful look for a mower. Due to simple design, you can easily attach various accessories like a grass bag or mulcher to it. Not only the design but the actual build of the mower is also very good.

The mower is built out of quality material that can withstand heavy beating during work. Parts like frame and axles are made of 13-gauge steel which makes it very durable and sturdy. Along with this, the mower also comes equipped with two front headlamps. That allows you to work on low light conditions.

Ease of use

The mower comes assembled from the factory and you don’t have to worry about putting things together. This makes it very convenient especially for first-time users who do not have much knowledge about these tools. Moreover, the mower has a decent weight which makes it quite heavy.

But due to this weight, you get a very smooth cutting performance which is more important. What surprised me the most is its great maneuverability. Despite its weight, it is very easy to maneuver around the corners as well as in tight spaces which is a huge plus in my view. It is not great as zero-turn mowers, but quite simple to execute.

Mowing Performance

Talking about the performance, the mower has a Briggs and Stratton engine for powerful performance. It a 17.5 hp engine with a 7-speed transmission and can go up to 5.5 miles per hour. Along with this, you also have a large deck of 42 inches. Due to its larger size, you can cover a large area in less amount of time and finish your work quickly.

Apart from this, the mower also features cutting height adjustment. You can choose from five different height settings according to your needs. This is a very handy feature because grass grows differently with different climates. Thus, it is very important to have some room for flexibility. 


Very simple to use.

Have high maneuverability.

Very tough and durable.

Consist of the comfortable seat.

Comes equipped with the powerful Briggs & Stratton engine.


These are just nitpicking.

If you’re thinking this is a portable mower then you might get disappointed.

It does take a lot of storage space.

2) Husqvarna Zero-Turn Riding Mower

Build and design

When it comes to building and design, Husqvarna delivers the absolute best and Z242f is not an exception. It is built to withstand the test of time and provide you hassle-free operation for years. All the parts like the frame and deck are made up of quality steel material that provides strength and durability. Along with this, the decks also reinforced to avoid any damage while heavy use.

Moreover, the mower is also quite comfortable due to the addition of a high back seat and dampers. This heavily reduces vibration in the mower and improves the riding experience. Apart from this, the mower consists of LED in the front so that you can use it in low light conditions. It is especially helpful for those people, who live in hot climate areas. And prefer to cut their grass after sunset or before sunrise.

Easy of use

When it comes to ease of use, the mower has a zero-turn system that allows it to rotate with any turning radius. This makes the handling of the mower very easy and enables you to reach almost everywhere. And it is also not that hard to master, you just need a couple of tries to get a hang of it. Moreover, the control system of the mower is clean and easy to understand.

All the major controls such as the PTO switch, key switch, throttle are located near the rider. This greatly reduces the clutter and allows for smooth operation. Apart from this, the mower also got a very useful feature called the auto parking brake system. As the name suggests it activates and deactivates the breaks with the help of steering levers. Providing full control to the driver which results in precise cutting.

Mowing Performance

As far as performance is concerned, the mower is powered with a Kawasaki engine that can produce 21.5hp. With all this power, you can pretty much mow through any tall or wet grass effortlessly.

You can also go with a Kohler engine without any additional cost if you want slightly more power of 23 hp. But keep this in mind that it is louder and less fuel-efficient when compared to Kawasaki.

Moreover, the mower features a huge deck of 42 inches. The deck houses two blades that are very capable of cutting thick grass without any issue. And what’s nice is that every time you get a professional finish no matter what the condition of your lawn. This is majorly due to its air induction mowing technology. That sucks the air from the bottom to improve grass lift for a better cut.


Has large size deck reinforced with stamped steel.

Consist of the Auto parking brake system.

Very easy to maneuverability.

Sturdy and durable with industry grade components.

High cutting power

Various attachments to choose from.


Grass clipping builds up on the deck and can be a nuisance.

Quite costly.

3) Craftsman Z525 Zero Turn Gas Mower

Best Lawnmower For 5 Acre Lot-Craftsman Z525 Zero Turn Gas Mower
Build And Design

Craftsman Z525 is a self-sufficient mower that comes with an array of features. Right from the start, you will notice the awesome build of the mower. The entire unit has a steel construction to last a long time even with heavy use. All the components of the mower are made from quality material and have great finishing. Not only the mower is rugged but also has a user friendly and practical design.

Most of the time companies try to make their product eye-catching. But in Z525 the design is more inclined to make the mower comfortable for users along with good looks. All main controls like PTO, throttle, are on one side to avoid clutter and improve efficiency. You also got a cup holder which is very convenient if you use it on a day to day purpose.

Ease of use

Craftsman Z525 features a 360-degree turning radius system. This system allows you to change the direction of the mower in an instant. This not only helps to control the mower very precisely.

But also provides great maneuvers around the corner for better cutting.

Apart from this, the mower consists of comfortable high-back seats. It has a proper amount of cushioning which is not too soft and not too stiff to provide maximum comfort. These subtle but important features make this mower very easy to use even for older people.

Mowing Performance

As for performance, craftsman Z525 is a complete workhorse. It is powered by a 676cc twin engine which is very powerful for the yard job. You can pretty much mow through the grass without even think if the grass is too high or too thick. It is also quite reliable if you will use it every day to work.

Moreover, the mower features a deck of 46 inches with 2 sharp cutting blades. Due to this setup, it not only completes the job in less time but also gives a very superior touch to the lawn.

And what’s nice about this mower is that you can also mow-in-reverse. This is a very great feature that allows you to work without any pause. 


Superior cutting performance.

Very user-friendly design.

Easy to control and maneuver.

Very durable and built to last.

Consist one of the largest deck.


Costly for household use.

4) Craftsman T105 Riding Lawn Mower

Ease of use

Craftsman T105 is a tractor styled lawn tractor that comes with its own unique plus point. Most of the time people think that lawn tractors have very poor maneuverability.

Up to an extent, you cannot deny that but when Craftsman T105 the things are much different. Due to its big rear and small front wheels, the mower is very nimble on the turns and doesn’t lose control.

Moreover, the mower has easy to start ignition system that fires up the engine almost instantly. No matter, if it is cold or not, you will be able to start working right away which makes it very convenient for beginners. Apart from this, the mower also features a low back seat which provides support to your back.

This makes working on the yard comfortable especially for people who above a certain age.


When it comes to design, Craftsman T105 is a mixture of good points and bad points. It does have its own flaws that make it hard to recommend to everyone. Like it has its speed level very far away from the driver. This makes it quite awkward to operate it if you want to sit comfortably on the seat.

But the good is that the mower is made up of quality material that makes it quite rugged. It will easily last you for a long time without breaking even if you take decent care. And the best thing is you also get the cup holder and storage on the left side.

It is a must-have if you are a coffee addict like me.

Mowing Performance

Talking about power, Craftsman T105 is powered with a 439cc gas engine. The engine has a 7-speed transmission that you can use according to your need. It is a decent power that is suitable for almost any job in the yard. Along with this, it also has reverse mowing capability that sets it apart for other mowers in the market.

It comes handy while mowing a complex spot or around the objects that need lots of adjustments. Moreover, the mower has a large deck of 42 inches that is the perfect match for its power. It is not the largest deck in the segment but large enough to mow big yards within less time. You can pretty much mow any kind of thick grass with it, without leaving clumps of grass all over. 


Very durable and sturdy.

Ready start ignition system.

Reverse mowing functionality.

Highly maneuverability.

Good cutting performance.

Consist of Hydrostatic transmission.


Minute details need improvement.

5) RedMax Zero-Turn Mower

Best Lawnmower For 5 Acre Lot RedMax Zero Turn Mower
Design and build

RedMAX New RZT48 is similar to other zero-turn mowers with bright red paint that gives it a very good look. Everything on this mower is nicely designed to make it more functional than pretty.

You will find clean control panels on both sides of the mower to provide easy accessibility and clutter-free experience.

However, there are few things that are not as good as the rest of the thing. You will find that although the design of the mower is clean, the finish is not very up to the mark.

You will find some rough spots here and there when compared to other popular mowers in the same categories. But the good thing is that the build of the mower is very good.

All the parts of the mower are made up of 10 gauge steel including deck and axels. With this build quality, it will surely last you for a very long time despite heavy use.

Ease of use

As I have mentioned earlier it is similar to other zero-turn mowers. So you know that it got to be easy to use. You get the same smooth operation that you get on other popular mowers.

Moreover, the seating of the mower is also very comfortable.

You get the appropriate amount of stiffness which prevents your back and hips from getting numb. With this, you can easily work for the long haul without getting tired. Along with this, there are dampers between the rider from the frame thus reducing vibrations.

Mowing Performance

Talking about performance, the mower is powered with 2 cylinder Kawasaki engine. It is a 727cc engine that produces enough torq to mow through any thick patch of grass.

The drive system that is used in the mower is ZT-2200 which is manufactured by Hydro-gear. It is a very solid and reliable transmission that will not disappoint in the middle of the work.

Apart from this, the mower features a large deck of 48inch. It a perfect deck size for a mower this powerful and at this price. With its large size, you can cover a large area in less time and finish your work faster. It is also fabricated to increased strength which helps to avoid damage from ground debris. 


Very powerful.

Comfortable for long hours.

Easy to use.

Made from high-quality materials.

Consist of a large deck of 48 inches.


Finishing need improvement.

Things To Consider Before Buying Lawn Mower for 5Acre Lot

[Buying guide]


The very first thing that you should see in a mower is its engine. The engine is the heart of the mower therefore it is necessary to get a mower is an adequate engine.

If your engine is less powerful, it will take a couple of passed to mow your lawn properly. You can measure the power of the engine by looking at its horsepower or capacity. More the horsepower or capacity, powerful the engine.

Cutting width

After looking at the engine look at the cutting width of the mower. A mower for 5 acres of the yard should have a large-sized deck. This is important because it will help you to cover a large amount of area in less time. And help you to finish your job faster. Thus, always choose a mower with a deck size above 40 inches.

Cutting height

Cutting height is also very important because different weather conditions need a different type of cut. A mower with adequate height adjustment will provide flexibility. And also can be used for different jobs. Thus, choose a mower with maxim height adjustment options.

Mulching and reverse mowing

Apart from all this, you should also look at some features that are not necessary but definitely make your life easier. One of these features is mulching, if you ask gardeners they will tell you the importance of mulching. If your mower has the ability to mulch the grass, you not only will save time by not bagging the grass. But also return key nutrition's to grass which will make your grass healthier.

Ease of maintenance

A mower of this size definitely needs some maintenance. Therefore, it is important to choose a mower with fewer maintenance requirements. It will you a ton of time as well as efforts if you choose the right mower. 

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