Testing TOP 5 Best Lawnmower For Senior Citizens (Must SEE)

Lawnmower for senior citizen

Buying a lawnmower for senior citizens is pretty much hard. Because we have to look for several things. Such as the mower should not be too complicated to handle, nor too heavy, and not too much techie.

So for this article, I’ll review some of the Best Lawnmower for senior citizens. And I’ll give you a detailed unbiased in-depth review. So that you can finally decide which one to buy.


Best Lawnmower for Senior citizens

1. Snapper XD 82V MAX Lawn Mower

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Easy To assemble

The mower comes well packaged in a big box with all its parts. Most of the parts come assembled except for the handles. From unboxing to full “assembly” it will take about 10 minutes.

Even a person with no experience can do it easily without anyone’s help. And the good thing is that you don’t require any tools to do so.

Very sturdy

The mower is quite solid and everything about it screams quality. People have this perception that electric mowers are delicate and sturdy. But it is obviously not true for all-electric mowers.

All the parts of this mower are quite sturdy and made up of mostly metal mostly which feels really good. If you are not familiar with it, you cannot tell that it is an electric mower.

It also comes with a grass catcher bag that is quite large and does not need constant dumping.

Lightweight and comfortable

Although the mower is made from metal, it does not feel that heavy. In fact, it is quite light when compared with a typical gas mower. You can easily maneuver it around the corner and on the slope without any issue.

On top of this, it also has a self-propelled feature which makes it quite comfortable to walk around. This is especially a good feature for people who are old and have a huge back yard.

Apart from this, The handle grips are also covered with a layer of foam that dampens any vibration. This makes it very comfortable to push around the yard and you didn’t get tired even after using it for quite a while.

Mowing performance

Talking about the performance, the mower has two high volt batteries, more than any average mower. The batteries are juiced up all to make sure you have enough power to handle some thick overgrowth.

Due to the high volt capacity, this mower has similar capabilities similar to a gas mower. And with its 20-inch blade, it cuts the grass excellently clean, equal to the quality of a gas mower.

In fact, it does feel like a gas mower rather than an electric mower. Apart from this, the mower has a single point height adjustment which makes it very convenient. You can go from 1-⅛ to 4-⅛ inch through seven positions.


Talking about the battery, the mower comes with two 82v lithium-ion batteries and a charger with the mower. Both the batteries have 2 Ah battery capacity and take around 1 hour to get fully charged.

But the catch is that the charge can only charge the battery one at a time. This is no issue because the mower only uses one battery at a time.

Moreover, both batteries provide a total runtime of over 50 minutes in one charge. That’s more than enough time to mow an average lawn considering its high power. 

  • High quality and sturdy build
  • High cutting power
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Need low maintenance
  • Has a high run time
  • A bit costly
  • Has some flex due to the adjustment system


2. PowerSmart DB9422SR

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Build And Design

Powersmart DB9422SR is a self-propelled lawnmower that is very functional and relatively simple. The overall size of the mower is very compact and comes with an impressive black and red theme.

This allows you to store the mower tidily in a relatively small space after use. But its compact size does not hinder its capability. It can easily take down small to medium-sized yards without any issue.

Apart from this, the mower comes in a box packing and needs assembly before use.

But due to its simpler design, the assembly of the mower takes about 10 mins or less. Even a person who is a beginner can do it properly with ease.

Easy to Use

As I have mentioned earlier, the mower has a self-propelled feature. This feature helps to reduce the fatigue caused by constant pushing.

Even people who are mostly fit can enjoy this functionality equally. Along with this, the mower is very lightweight which makes it perfect for old people.

However, the mower is made mostly out of plastic which could be a problem for many people. Even the wheels are made up of plastic which sometimes slips on wet surfaces.

But the good thing is that plastic is of high quality and can take some tough beating. The mower also features a pull start but surprisingly it is quite consistent and easy to start.

Lastly, the handling of the mower around the corners is very good. A combination of big tires at the back and small tires at the front, really makes it very easy to control even for kids.


Powersmart DB9422SR features a 200cc 4-stroke, single-cylinder gas engine. The engine is quite powerful to provide continuous mowing performance.

This allows you to cut the thick patches of regular or even tall grass effortlessly. Along with this, the mower has a 22-inch wide deck which is a good size for large lawns.

It’s bigger size will allow you to easily cover a large amount of area in relatively less time. This will save you a ton of time which you can use to do some other work.

Unlike, rest of the mower, the deck is made from steel. This makes the deck quite tough to tackle rough ground with lots of debris.

Apart from this, the mower comes with a single lever height adjustment system. You can cycle from 5 height adjustment which ranges from 2 inches to 4 inches.

It is plenty even if you want some funky design in your backyard. Lastly, the mower also features a 3 in 1 discharge feature that allows you to mulch, bag, or side discharge the grass. For this, you also get a 14.6-gallon grass catcher bag to save you some bucks. 

  • Easy to use.
  • Impressive cutting power
  • Great handling Powerful engine
  • Has 5 height adjustment setting
  • Consist of a self-propelled feature
  • Not suitable for large lawns
  • Has plastic build


3. Greenworks Electric Lawnmower 40v

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Design And Build

Battery-powered tools have come a long way. Today people are looking for alternative ways to reduce carbon emission. If you are one of those people, here is good news for you.

Greenworks electric lawn mower is a perfect alternative to its gas counterparts. The mower comes packed nicely in a big box to avoid any damage.

The assembly was very easy and it took only 10 mins to assemble it even without the manual. The first impression of the mower is quite good.

It looks very sleek and techy unlike most mowers on the market. It has a good shade of green color all over, especially in the battery compartment. You get the feeling that you are using an eco-friendly mower.

Apart from this, the mower has a quality build with everything made up of metal. With this construction, it can easily take some beating over a long time.

The mower also has a push-button start functionality which makes it easy to handle. This makes it very user friendly even for the kids.

Ease Of Use

Apart from the looks, another thing that I like about this lawnmower that it is lightweight. This pleasantly surprised me after seeing its build quality.

Due to its lightweight nature, it is quite easy to push and carry around. It also makes the mower easy to maneuver around the corner and have good control over it.

Talking about control, the handle grips are also covered with a layer of foam covering which makes it very comfortable.

Along with this, the mower consists of a self-propelled feature that enables you to finish your job with ease. It is a great feature for senior citizens who might need extra help to mow their yard.

Mowing Performance

Talking about the performance, the brushless motor of the mower provides high torque. It has a large 21-inch steel deck which allows it to finish your work in less time.

Moreover, the deck consists of two separate cutting blades that rotate in different directions. Due to this blade style, the results are excellent and you get a very clean cut.

And you can do all this without making too much noise. It is so silent that you might get confused about whether it is working or not.

Apart from this, the mower has a 3 in 1 mowing system. So if you want, you can insert the mulching plug to get an even fine cut across the deck.

There is a height adjustment lever at the top. It allows you to adjust the height very conveniently to 7 different levels.

Moreover, the mower comes with a large grass catcher bag that you can mount at the back. It will give you enough storage space for your freshly cut grass.


Talking about the battery, the mower comes with a 5Ah or 6Ah lithium-ion batteries and a charger. However, if you already have a charger and the batteries.

You can also buy it without these accessories. You can also use smaller capacity batteries, it will work fine as long as it is from GreenWorks.

The charger will take around 1 to 1.5 hours to charge the batteries from 0% to 100% depending upon your capacity.

If you use the battery under normal conditions, the battery can give you up to 20mins to 1 hour of runtime. This is more than enough time to mow even if you have a fairly larger lawn than average.

Lastly, the mower also consists of an interesting feature that automatically powers down the blade if the grass is not very thick. This heavy reduces battery usage and provides even longer run time. 

  • Lightweight, Easy to use
  • Eco-friendly
  • Great maneuverability
  • Great battery life and comes with a battery and charging indicator
  • Has silent working
  • Battery heating problems after intense use.
  • Somewhat expensive


4. GreenWorks Corded Lawn Mower

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Design And Looks

If you are not a fan of charging the batteries this mower is probably for you. Greenworks 25022 is a 20 Amp corded mower.

The looks of the mower are very sleek and you can tell it is different from other mowers in the market. It almost looks like the RC toy cars which also make it very streamlined.

The color scheme on the mower is black and green with perfectly suits its personality. Apart from this, the mower is quite easy to assemble with or without the manual.

Although the manual makes it very easy and fast, as the directions are very simple to follow.

Ease of Use

Talking about the ease of use, the mower is quite easy to use. This is largely due to its compact size and lightweight.

You can easily use it in any terrain with fairly good maneuverability. However, you have to look for the cord while using it on a rough surface. This might damage your cord and makes it very dangerous.

Apart from this, the mower is also very easy to store. It has the functionality to easily fold into a compact unit. It handles fold nice and flat which gives it an edge over other mowers in the market.

Along with this, the handle also has height adjustment with nice padding on it. If you have several family members of different height, this functionality will help you a lot.


As far as performance is concerned, the mower performs well on the field. It could do everything you want with being very efficient and eco friendly.

It’s 12 Amp motor work silently without giving a bad smell of gas. You can easily cut uneven or thick grass with all the leaves on the floor.

But as it is corded, you have to take extra care while using the mower for regular trimming work. Do not use it on rainy or even wet grass.

Along with this, do not allow children to use it. Apart from this, the mower has a 20-inch deck which is quite large for a small to medium-sized lawn.

The large deck will allow you to finish your work a lot faster and with fewer efforts. Lastly, the mower also comes with adjustable height. You can easily adjust its height to 7 different positions with only a single lever. 

  • Easily to use
  • Provide good cutting performance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Storage friendly Has 20-inch deck
  • Not suitable for large lawn
  • Unusable on rainy days


5. Lawn-Boy 17732 21-Inch 

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Quick Features 

  • 21-inch deck size 
  • Tri-cut cutting system
  • 149cc OHV engine with no oil change required (CARB compliant)
  • Self-propel system with variable-speed
  • 2-point height-of-cut, you can easily adjust the deck height at 2-points for quick customization of your mowing height
  • 7 in. front and 8 in. rear wheels 3-in-1 discharge optional
  • Comes with larger grass catcher bag


What we like about this lawnmower


Easy To assemble:

Similar to other lawnmowers on our list it is also very easy to assemble. Most of the mower comes assembled from the factory and you just have to attach the handle to use it.

It will hardly take around 10 mins to assemble it properly. Moreover, the mower is quite compact and occupies less area compared to other mowers.

Due to its size, it is perfect for a small to medium-sized lawn with mostly flat ground. 

Easy to Use:

The mower has a pull start which is quite a consistency and starts in one pull every time. Moreover, the mower is quite light. And combined with rear-wheel drive makes it easy to push in sloped areas.

It is also quite easy to maneuver due to its lightweight and smaller size. Almost anyone including children and elderly people can use it without any problem. 

Is It Louder?

Talking about the noise level it is quite loud and not loud enough to deafen you. It is comparatively less loud than the average gas push mower with respect to its power output. 

Mowing performance 

Talking about its performance, it has a 149cc engine that is quite powerful to cut almost any kind of grass. It features a 21 inches Tri-cut deep dome deck that cut very fine as well as clean for our liking.

You can pretty much mow through high grass with very little effort and smooth cut. Moreover, the mower features a large grass catcher bag that does its job quite nicely. It is also quite large and you don’t have to empty it very often. 

Some quality features

This mower has a self-propelled feature that makes it very easy to push the mower even for elderly people. The speed of the self-propelled feature is a bit fast but manageable.

It definitely improves cutting time with less fatigue. Moreover, it features a 6 step height adjustment system. That allows you to change the cutting height according to your liking.

But the thing that we did not do is that you have to adjust for both rear and front end. This makes it less attractive to use as compared to other mowers that have only one adjustment lever.

  • Lightweight, easy to use.
  • Cut with ease
  • Great maneuverability Powerful engine
  • Comes it 6 step height adjust system
  • Consist of a self-propelled feature.
  • Not suitable for large lawns
  • Need maintenance


Lawnmower Buying guide For Senior Citizens

Here are a few things you should consider to consider while buying a mower for senior citizens. We have already helped you in selecting the best lawn mower for senior citizens.

But before choosing one from the review, we recommend that you consider these factors for a perfect lawn mower for your yard.

The size of your yard

The first thing to consider while buying a senior citizen a lawnmower is the size of their yard. This step is almost true for any mower and you should know how much it will take to mow it. If you buy the wrong mower, it will create a problem for them.

Self-propelled feature

Almost every mower which is for senior citizens should have these features. It is a feature that helps the mower to move on its own.

This makes pushing the mower across the yard very easy and less tiring. Choose a mower that has not to fast or not to slow speed as it may trouble old people.

If possible go for a mower that has a smart sensor that can adjust the speed according to the user.

Deck size

The deck size is another important thing to consider while buying a mower. It will determine the cutting path of a lawnmower.

A mower with a large deck will cover a large area and mow a yard faster. Therefore, prefer large sized deck when considering a mower for a big lawn and vice-a-versa.


The engine should be your number one priority when choosing a mower. If your cutting conditions are tough and you have to deal with thick as well as wet grass choose a larger capacity engine.

For electric mower Look for a higher voltage electric mower as it will provide you with greater torque and result in a clean cut. Also, consider the capacity and charging of the battery for increased mowing.

Cutting height

A good lawnmower has an adjustable cutting system. This system will allow you to choose the height of your grass according to your need.

Usually, the cutting height of a good mower ranges from 1.5 inches to 4 inches. So if you like to stripe your lawn then you should also consider this factor.


Weight is another important factor that can affect the usability of mower for senior citizens. Even if the mower has self-propelled functionality do consider the weight of the mower.

Less the weight the better it is for old people. But don’t buy a cheap mower or plastic mower as these mowers do not have a long lifespan.


Less noise is something that everyone appreciates. So it is no brainer that a mower should be quiet as much as it can. Therefore, try to find a good electric mower or less noisy gas mower that fits your need.

Ease Of Maintenance

Lastly, you should also consider the ease of maintenance. Usually, the gas mower needs more maintenance opposite to the electric one due to various moving parts. Choose an option that is fit for your yard and requires less maintenance. 


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