Best Lawnmower for Small Yards

Are you fed up of paying huge chunks of money to lawn maintenance services even though you have a small lawn? Are you tired of spending a lot of money on your old fuel-powered lawnmower? If yes, then you are in the right place at the right time. Today in this guide we’ll be extensively going through the best lawnmowers that are affordable, cost-effective, yet easy to use and consume very less power. We’ll also be going through a thorough guide explaining the various things that you need to consider while purchasing a new lawnmower. For a brief introduction, you don’t want something expensive, huge and powerful to mow the lawn. You need a small-sized lawnmower that’ll help you maintain your lawn without any extra damage to your pocket and you can do the job easily in a matter of twenty-thirty minutes.

So without any further ado let’s first of all jump right into the recommended Best Lawnmowers for Small Yards and then, later on, we’ll go extensively go through the buying guide and shed some light on the frequently asked questions regarding the lawnmowers.

Best Lawnmower for Small Yards:

 Troy Bilt TB330 163CC 163CC 3 in 1 Real Wheel Drive

On top of the list, we have the Troy Bilt TB330 which is one heck of a lawnmower, it is powered by a 163cc Briggs and Stratton powerful engine, which makes sure that the lawn is cut evenly and without any hassle. The lawnmower comes with a self-start feature which helps in making the lawn maintenance job quick. The lawnmower itself is a rear while drive and has four-speed settings, which you can adjust according to your needs. The lawnmower has a huge 21-inch cutting system with a specially designed blade which makes the cutting process easier. The lawnmower has an automatic sensing feature, which automatically senses the temperature of the engine and adjusts the air/fuel mixture accordingly. Other commendable features of this excellent lawnmower include a 1.09-quart fuel tank and a 1.9 standard bushel capacity, which is enough for large yards and doesn’t need to be emptied mid-mowing. Wheels are an important factor as small wheels create difficulty in moving the lawnmower across the yard. However, this lawnmower is an exception to this case it has optimally sized 9-inch wheels on the front and back and it also features a grass cutting height setting which has the capability to the set the cutting height from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches. All in all a great lawnmower for the price and it can last you lifelong if maintained correctly. Lastly talking about the weight of this baby, you might think of it to be considerably heavy considering its 163CC engine, but no it weighs only 76 lbs which is quite good for a lawnmower of this type. 38 x 24 x 17.5 is the dimensions of the lawnmower. Overall a great addition to your garage in this price. It only costs a little more than one time of your lawn maintaining charges.

  • Wash Port to clean the under-side of lawnmower
  • No oil change engine, only top up needed
  • Self-propelling
  • Poor Packaging
  • Self-Propelling Mechanism Loosens up with time
  • Black+Decker MM2000

Next up on the list is our very own Black+Decker MM2000 Electric Lawnmower. The great thing about this lawnmower is that it is an electric lawnmower which means no engine sound, it is quieter than the traditional engine based lawnmowers and provides easy maneuverability due to its considerably less weight. The lawnmower itself weighs only 46.2 lbs. Obviously, lawnmowers require power hence it features a 13 amp motor which is a power horse and is able to mow grass easily without any problem. The lawnmower has a feature called EdgeMax which ensures that a smooth equal cut is achieved when mowing alongside walls, fencing and flower beds. The mower features a 20-inch cutting system which is great for an electric lawnmower. The lawnmower comes with a 7 option setting range which enables you to adjust the height of grass cut between 1.5 inches to 4 inches. The only disturbing thing about this lawnmower is its cord. Obviously, it is an electric powered lawnmower and it cannot run on batteries as it will not produce a satisfactory backup, so you need to be walking around with a cord moving across your legs like a snake wherever you go. Black+Decker is a reliable well-known brand which is known for its quality tools since long, having said that it has a great build quality and will last for years to come if maintained properly. Talking about the dimensions of the lawnmower it is 34.9 inches in length 16.8 inch in width and 21.9 inches in height. The best feature about this lawnmower is its ability to fold and convert into a small little cart. Which is a great option if you have less storage space and you can fit it anywhere you like.

  • Precise Edge Cutting
  • 7 adjustable modes
  • Electric powered
  • Corded
  • Low-quality starter cable hook

 BLACK+DECKER MTE912 12-Inch Electric 3-in-1 Trimmer/Edger and Mower, 6.5-

Again, we have Black+Decker on the list, but this lawnmower is different from our traditional ones, this is a great sleek looking all in one lawnmower that is perhaps the best option for small home yards. It offers great flexibility in various jobs. First things first, its design is quite compact and is great for moving around easily. This compact tools pack three features in one which includes lawn mowing, string trimming, and edging. There are things which you need to compromise you don’t get ideal stuff in almost anything. In this case, the motor lacks power it is 6.5 amp motor which is great for small yards but won’t be sufficient for big sized yards. Talking about the cutting system of the lawnmower, it features a 12-inch cutting system which is a gear driven system which helps in maintaining a constant speed and won’t interrupt the cut rate. It features a foot lock to insert and remove the trimmer as switch the cutting mode. The lawnmower itself is ergonomic considering the dimensions of the lawnmower. As said multiple times it is quite small in size and is very portable, similarly, it weighs very less. It only weighs 13.1 lbs which is great an all in one tool like this one. Talking about the dimensions of the lawnmower it is 15.3 inches in length, 36.56 in height and 7.38 inches in width. All in all a great affordable addition to your garage, an all in one tool that will do all tasks related to maintaining your lawn without any issue.

  • Perfect Size
  • 3 in 1 Option
  • Affordable
  • Extra Care needed

 Sun Joe iON16LM Cordless Lawnmower | 16 inch | 40V | Brushless Motor

If you want something eco-friendly and can pool in some extra cash, then the Sun Joe iON16LM is the best option for you, although it is on the higher end models considering it is powered by the most advanced lithium ion batteries, the price is justified. Now you no need to think about the fuel, gas and the air pollution engine powered lawnmowers produce. This lawnmower is a soundless option which offers optimal performance with a great battery time without you needing to worry about fuel, oil and extra maintenance which generally all traditional lawnmowers require. The Lithium Ion batteries that come in the Sun Joe iON16LM are 40V and have the capability to provide a backup time of about 40 minutes without any trouble. The best part is that all of the time you spend lawn mowing will be noise free. The motor that comes in the lawnmower is brushless and has a longer life than normal ones, it can run up 2000 hours. Using the lawnmower is also very easy, as easy as the experience it offers. The lawnmower can be made ready to use just by a press of a button. The design is although bulky considering the battery it has it offers great comfort while using it due to its extremely ergonomic design. Talking about the other features, it has a 6 option adjustment lever which enables the possibility to cut grass form 1.18 inches to 3.15 inches. The bag for collecting grass in 9.25 gallon and can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. In the end, if you can pool in some extra cash for something worthwhile you won’t regret this decision of choosing the Sun Joe iON16LM. You need to worry about the extra hassle after getting done with the maintenance.

  • Ergonomic Grips
  • Easy To Move
  • Adjustment Options
  • Powered by Battery
  • Expensive

 GreenWorks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Electric Lawnmower 25022, 20 inch

Next up on the list is another electric lawnmower, the GreenWorks 25022 Lawnmower a great affordable option with considerably powerful 12 amp motor, enough to mow a large yard as well. The GreenWorks feature a 20-inch cutting system which is designed to last for long periods of time without the need for sharpening. The lawnmower has a 12 amp powerful motor which is powerful enough to get the job done easily without any trouble. The lawnmower is a 3 in 1 built with features including Mulching, Side Discharge, and Rear Bag. It has a 7 option adjustment to cut grass in different sizes ranging from 1.5 inches to 3.15 inches. The lawnmower is easy to start and use, it features an easy push button which makes the lawnmower easy to use. As far as the drive system is concerned the GreenWorks features a manual drive system, which means it can be tiring at times to push the thing around in lawn for longer periods of time. The wheels of the lawnmower still make the moving process easier as they are specifically designed for movement on grass, they have different sizes on the front and back. The front has 7-inch wheels, on the other hand, the back wheels are 10 inches in size. Keeping in mind all these features the lawnmower offers, it has the option to fold its handles to make it very compact and small in size which makes it very easy to store if you have less space around. The only negative thing about this lawnmower is that it doesn’t come with an extension cable. However, if you use a less amp rated cord you might end up burning the lawnmower, so always use a high rated extension cord with this lawnmower. Talking about the weight of the lawnmower it surprisingly weighs quite less, it only weighs around 56 lbs which is great. Overall a great option someone who is looking for an affordable yet features rich lawnmower.

  • Folding Option
  • Powerful
  • Electric Powered
  • Large Storage Bag
  • Push Start Button
  • Might burn if using a wrong extension cord

 Sun Joe MJ401E-PRO 14 inch 13 Amp Electric Lawnmower w/Side Discharge Chute, 14″

Sun Joe MJ401E is a great basic option for anyone looking for an electric lawnmower, which provides sufficient power to cut the lawn grass without any problem. The said lawnmower is small in size hence a great option for small yards where there are a lot of nooks and corners and is difficult for full-size lawnmowers to go. The Sun Joe comes with a 14-inch cutting system which is great for the purpose it is built. Although, it may take some time to get the job done keeping in mind its comparatively small cutting system. However, this small-sized cutting system is great for cutting areas in the nooks and corners of the lawn where there is difficulty in reaching. Talking about the electric motor, the Sun Joe is powered by a great 13 amp brushless motor which is sufficiently powered for the work it is going to do. The Sun Joe comes with a 3 option manual adjustment lever which gives you an option to cut the grass according to your needs. The lawnmower comes with a hard collection bag which is very easy to remove and install back. The best thing about all-electric lawnmowers is that except for the normal blade sharpening they don’t require any maintenance, unlike engine based lawnmowers which require fuel and time to time maintenance and oil changes. Talking about the weight and dimensions of the Sun Joe, the Sun Joe is 48.4 inch in length, 40.6 inches in width and 40.6 inches in height. Considering the features it offers, it weighs only 30lbs which is awesome for a lawn of such sort. Lastly, the design of this lawnmower is not sort of open and exposed. The design is very minimalistic and is covered from all areas which give it a chance to live longer than all other exposed lawnmowers.

  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Good for Nooks and Corners
  • Small Cutting Bag

 EGO Power+ 20-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion Cordless Lawnmower – 5.0Ah Battery and Charger Kit

Next up on the list is a high-end cordless beast. The EGO Power is known for its impressive power, it is cordless and runs on battery. However, the performance it offers is without a doubt comparable to any gas powered lawnmower. The EGO Power comes with a 20-inch cutting system which is great for all purpose of cutting and does the shop very well. Keeping in mind its 20-inch cutting system, it is a 3 in 1 system which includes mulching, bagging, and side discharge. The EGO Power is powered by an advanced lithium ion battery which is rated 5.0 Ah 56V which has the capability to mow for about 2 miles without taking a sweat. The EGO Power comes with a fast charger known as Rapid Charger which charges up the battery quickly and offers a great 55 minutes runtime. As far as other features are concerned the EGO Power is tough and is workable in all weather conditions and meets up our expectation easily. Keeping in mind the features it provides, it is still very compact, it can be folded into a smaller version for upright storage. As far as the power is concerned it is very sufficient and does the job quite excellent. The design is very modern and it does look like a beast. It comes with a great ergonomic handle which makes it easy to move around and do the job without getting tired. One more thing you need to keep in mind is that it is an already expensive lawnmower. However, after years of use, it might need a battery replacement and a battery of this size might cost high, so keep that in mind as well. Overall a great purchase for someone who requires a heavy duty electric lawnmower.

  • Powerful
  • Fast Charging
  • Great Cutting System
  • Expensive

 American Lawnmower Company 1204-14 14-Inch 4-Blade Push Reel Lawnmower

Next, up on the list, we have the manual lawnmower from American lawnmowers, these are the good old trusty lawnmowers which everyone uses, people who own electric and engine based lawnmowers also use these when their primary one is not working. This affordable yet practical option is quite great since you have complete control in your hand. However, a lot more hard work is required if you are working with a manual lawnmower. This lawnmower comes with a 14 inch 4 blade push reel system which allows the machine to cut the grass equally and evenly. As it is manual, it requires more power to move hence it comes with big 8.5 inch wheels so that the moving process becomes easier. The grass cutting height is from 0.5 inches to 1.75 inches for a clean job every time. The blades are made up of high-quality materials which will last for a long period of time without the need of sharpening them. As they don’t require any consumable power they are considered to be eco-friendly. Cutting smaller grass is quite easy and doesn’t require much effort. However, if you have delayed on the lawn maintenance then you are in trouble as manual lawnmowers don’t work well on long grass and they are required to do more than two times to cut the grass equally. Again, as it is manual you don’t need to worry about any type of maintenance as it doesn’t need any fuel or electricity. On the other hand, it does require a minor checkup of the sharpening of the blade, just to ensure that max cutting is achieved with less effort. Overall a great affordable choice for people who think who can push their limits and can put in work themselves

  • Cheap
  • Gets the Job Done
  • Long-Lasting Blades
  • Manual

 PowerSmart DB2321P Lawnmower, Black and red

Next, upon the list we have the PowerSmart DB2321P which is a powerful beast, it is powered by a 161cc engine deliver a lot of power such that you don’t even need to think about getting something else. This is a 3 in 1 option lawnmower which means it comes with side discharge, mulching capability, etc. The lawnmower itself has a 5 position adjustment which can be changed according to the height of grass you need to cut, it can cut almost any type of grass without a problem from 1.18 to 3 inches, that too evenly without any rough edges. Talking about the moving of this lawnmower, as it is an engine based lawnmower, it is a self-propelling lawnmower which means even when a lot of pushing is required you don’t need to do the effort, the machine will do the job automatically. Also, its 8 inch rear wheels allow the machine to move around easily without putting a lot of pressure on the wheels and the front set of wheels are considerably smaller for more control over the machine. Talking about the weight of this beast, you might think that it must be heavy considering that it has an engine over it and is comparatively large in size, but it is quite reasonable as far as weight is concerned it only weighs around 63 lbs which is great. As far dimensions are concerned it is 34 inches in height, 23 inches in width and 18 inches in height. Indeed a great lawnmower, if you have time to run it and maintain it properly, it can last you years. However, if you cannot spend much time on preparation and maintenance than you should stay away from it as it requires proper maintenance.

  • Powerful
  • 5 position adjustment
  • Weighs less
  • Runs on gas
  • Noisy
  • Requires maintenance

 WORX WG775 24V 14″ Cordless Electric Lawnmower

The last lawnmower on the list is the WORX WG775 which is a cordless battery-powered lawnmower with a 14-inch cutting system attached to it. It is a great lawnmower for people who have small yards and are looking to use it over a period of few weeks to maintain their lawn. This beautiful lawnmower can cut up to 6000 sq feet on a single full charge. Considering it has batteries and a motor, it weighs only a small number of 33 pounds which is great. It also features 3 in 1 functionality meaning mulches, rear discharges and bags are available. Another, benefit of this lawnmower is that it has a removable battery so that you can buy more than one battery and have them charged separately so that you can use the lawnmower for longer periods of time without the need of charging the lawnmower again and again. The lawnmower comes with an easy push start button which is great, the grass bag capacity is quite good as well, and it has a capacity f around 0.85 bushels. It also has a battery indicator such that you know when to recharge your lawnmower and for how long you can use it. As far as the power is concerned it consumes 24V power from the battery which is good. All in all, it is a great buy for small yard owners as it doesn’t get hot, emit smoke or require any other maintenance. You just need to charge and start using it with a press of a button with your desired adjustments. Lastly, it comes with a charger which is great, most of the lawnmowers that require charging don’t come with a charger and you have to purchase that separately, however, in this case, it is in the box which is a plus.

  • 3 in 1 Adjustment
  • Removable Battery
  • Comes with a Charger
  • Easily Climbs on Slopes
  • Wheels are a little weak

Now that you’ve gone through all the products lets extensively go through the buying guide, going through some key factors that you need to consider while buying a lawnmower, there are thousands of options available in the market having different features and prices ranging from fifties to thousands of dollars.

 So let’s get right into the guide:

Without going any further into the technicalities first of all we’ll talk about the pricing. So the first thing that you need to keep in mind is the price you can spend on the lawnmower, keep a budget in mind that you can spend so that you don’t end up spending more than your budget. This factory slightly relies upon the size of your yard hence we’ll talk about that as well. The reason behind this is that if you end up buying a gas-powered lawnmower, you’ll end up paying more for the maintenance and running costs i.e oil changes/top-ups, fuel cost, etc.
Size of the Yard:
Consider the size of the yard, if it is very small enough you can go with a manual lawnmower as well and save huge amounts of money, although you might have to do a little more effort that will be worth it. However, if your yard is big enough that you cannot do the job with a manual lawnmower, go for electric ones as they are cheap, requires almost no maintenance and best of all they are silent. I would suggest going for gas-powered lawnmowers only if your lawn is very big and has a lot of sloppy areas where you cannot push the lawnmower yourself.
Washout Port:
Obviously you’ll be spending money on the lawnmower and you would want it to live its life and you want it to last for a long time, usually, the bottom part of the lawnmower starts to get filled with debris and starts to rust with time. But if the upcoming lawnmower has wash port you can make sure that the lawnmower lasts for a long time with you. A wash port is basically a port in the bottom area of the lawnmower where you can insert a pipe hose and then you can open the water tap, this basically cleans and washes all the bottom area of the lawnmower and cleans everything out.
Push vs Self-Propelled:
Push lawnmowers are comparatively cheap however they are difficult to run as they are required to be pushed manually all across the yard by your own power, the machine doesn’t move itself just like a normal traditional lawnmower. This is fine for small yards and where there are no slopes. However, if your lawn is bigger in size or it has a lot of slopes then you should definitely be looking at self-propelled lawnmowers, these lawnmowers are expensive as compared to other types however they are very easy to operate and they don’t require to be pushed manually, the tires rotate with the power of battery or engine, which decreases the stress on the person mowing the lawn, the all-wheel drive versions are the most powerful of al self-propelled lawnmowers, these are best for yards with a lot of slopes whether they are large or small.
Electric Start:
When you buy a gas lawnmower, you spend a lot of money on it and you don’t want to be pulling cords trying to turn it on, look for something that offers electric start, it doesn’t only save time and effort but also help in completing the task quick and hassle free.
If you have less storage space, look for models that are designed to save space, there are models available which are designed in such a way that their handles fold down and decrease the size of the lawnmower to a huge extent. This helps in safely storing the lawnmower without worrying about the storage space or mishandling of the lawnmower.
Corded, Cordless or Gas:
This is a very broad criteria, and it all depends upon you first of all if you are thinking about buying gas powered lawnmowers keep in mind that they require maintenance over several different intervals including fueling of the lawnmower, some lawnmowers require the oil be changed after certain use. On the other hand some lawnmowers require the oil to be topped up, All of this depends upon the engine being used in the lawnmower. So in the end, all of this requires time and effort. If you think you have enough time to do all of these chores after certain intervals then you are good to guy buy a gas powered lawnmower. But do keep in mind the noise it generates and the smoke which pollutes the environment.
Talking about electric lawnmowers, they come in two variants corded and cordless. Corded lawnmowers basically run from the electricity of your house, they need to be plugged in to the socket and then you can use them around. They require extension cables to reach every nook and corner otherwise, the cable length is not enough to move in the whole yard. They are affordable and provide a lot of features. I’ll highly recommend you to get something like this for a better experience.
Moving onto the cordless lawnmowers, these also work on electricity but not from sockets, they run from batteries. Now several lawnmowers have different kinds of batteries. Each one of them have different charging times, different running times etc. However, they are hassle free they don’t have a wire hanging around anywhere you. You can move easily reach the difficult spots easily. But the downside of cordless lawnmowers is that they are quite expensive, there are some cheap options available but they don’t provide enough power to match a corded or a gas lawnmower. If you can afford to go with a high end cordless model then I’ll highly recommend you to do that.
Weight is another factor that you need to look out, gas powered lawnmowers contain engines, engines of different sizes depending upon the model and they are heavy. So if you are a person who is not looking to struggle with handling the lawnmower itself than maintaining your lawn. I’ll highly recommend to look for weight of the lawnmower, while we are making a purchase decision we mostly look at the main features and forget about some important little things like weight. If you feel like you cannot handle a lot of weight. I’ll highly recommend going for an electric lawnmower they are much reliable and efficient.
Cutting Height:
Most of the lawnmowers have the cutting height options mentioned on the spec sheet. The cutting height is basically the minimum height your lawnmower can cut and the maximum height is the lawnmower keeping the length of the grass to a maximum. If you are looking for very short grass in your lawn or long, then I’ll recommend going through the cutting height while making a decision to purchase the lawnmower as it will help you later on.
Blade Length:
Blade length is another important aspect. More blade length means you can cover more area in the yard however more blade length also means big size which means you won’t be able to reach nooks and corners due to big size. So always go for something in between such that you don’t waste time by covering small area with a shorter blade and end up reaching the nooks and corners as well.
Lawnmowers are expensive and every buyer wants them to last long trouble free. Hence, to make sure that they last for years to come without any hassle, look for the warranty and always go for the product with higher warranty periods.

 Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q):

A lawnmower should be cleaned after using for a few times, if your lawnmower has a wash port it is very easy to clean just insert the hose and wash the underside of the lawnmower. If it doesn’t have a wash port you need to be careful about the orientation you can lift the lawnmower in, most of the lawnmowers can be lifted from the front vertically and if it is a gas lawnmower, you might need to empty the fuel tank and oil tank to clean the bottom area.

If your lawn is uneven and has rough terrain first of all you need to make sure that the lawnmower is all wheel drive this will help in moving the lawnmower across all the difficult areas and make sure the wheel size a little big so that the lawnmower cutting height can be adjusted easily. If you have a lot of slopes in the lawn, you can go for a self-propelling lawnmower which will save you from pushing the lawnmower over slopes.

I will always recommend keeping the lawnmower indoors or under the shed. Weather and atmosphere have different effects on the materials used in the lawnmower. Rain can have some effect while sun have other effect so try your best to keep the lawnmower inside.


We tried our best to go through each and everything you need to know regarding the best lawnmowers for small yards. We also suggested you the best options available in the market so that you can choose the best one according to your needs without looking out at hundreds of options and getting confused with their features. I wish you a very good luck with your new lawnmower purchase.

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