The 4 Best Motor Oil To Use In Your Lawnmower

motor oil to use in your lawnmower

So you’re having thoughts about using your motor oil in your lawnmower. But we might ask why would we even want to do that.

We may as well go and get some lawnmower oil because sometimes it’s cheaper. But there are situations with some people and I’ve been here myself where you want to change the oil on your lawnmower.

And you look inside your garage and find some leftover oil that you used in your car. And of course, then we wonder can we use this oil.

You can use a motor/car oil in your lawnmower. But you need to check the temperature and viscosity of the oil.


Best motor oil to use in your lawnmower for different seasons and temperatures

  • 5w-30 – Best For Winter(-30 to 35 degrees centigrade) 
  • SAE30- Best For Summer(40-100 degrees centigrade)
  • 10w-30- Best for Mild cold and hot season (-18 to 30 degrees centigrade)
  • 5w30 Synthetic Oil -Best for all season (-20- 120 degrees) 


How often to change lawn mower oil?

On average the lawnmower oil should be changed every mowing season. You can also read the manual that comes with the mower. It’ll tell you when to change the oil.


What kind of oil goes in a lawnmower?

  • 5w-30
  • SAE30
  • 10w-30
  • 5w30 Synthetic oil


How much oil does a lawnmower take?

On average a walk-behind lawnmower takes around 15-18 oz engine oil. And the riding mower takes around 48-64 oz engine oil.

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