Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Reviews 2022

The corded electric lawn mowers are a great way to get your yard looking nice and neat. These types of lawn mowers run on electricity, so you don't have to worry about gas or oil getting all over the place. You can use these corded electric lawn mowers as long as you have an outlet nearby.

People who live in apartment complexes typically choose this type of lawn mower because they do not want to deal with gas, oil, or any other fuel that's used for small engines. Electricity is much easier and safer to handle when compared with fuels like gasoline or diesel. If you're tired of dealing with those messy fuels then the corded electric lawn mower might be a good choice for you! 

This blog will talk about some of the best corded electric lawn mowers available on the market. We'll take a look at what people are saying in their reviews, and provide our opinion based on our experience with each product. We hope this blog will help you find your next corded electric lawn mower!

What is Corded Electric Lawn Mower?

Corded electric lawn mowers are a type of small engine that runs on electricity instead of gas, diesel or any other fuels. A typical corded electric lawn mower is connected to an electrical outlet and has a power cord that plugs into the wall. It's called "corded" because it's typically plugged in at all times.

There are a few models of corded lawn mowers that have batteries or can be charged in another way, but most models come with a power cord. Many people enjoy this type of small engine because it does not require gas and they don't have to worry about refueling the lawn mower when it runs out of fuel. The electric motor does not require any type of maintenance and it doesn't produce any odors.

Unlike other types of small engines, this type of lawn mower does not pollute the air around your home because there is no gasoline combustion taking place to power the engine. This makes corded electric lawn mowers a popular choice for homeowners who live in areas that restrict the use of gas-powered lawn mowers. Some models even allow you to adjust the deck height, so you can change the cutting height depending on your lawn's grass levels and type of plantings.

If your yard is large or has a lot of different types of plants then this can be very beneficial because it will cut down on the amount of time you spend mowing the lawn.


There are several benefits to choosing to use a corded electric lawn mower, including:

No emissions: When you use gas-powered engines there is carbon monoxide and other harmful emissions that escape into the air. This can pollute your air and might even be dangerous for your health if you're exposed to it for too long. Corded electric lawn mowers do not give off any type of emissions, so this is one reason why many people choose to use this type of mower.

No noise: If you don't like the noise of gas-powered engines, then using a corded electric mower is one way to avoid that. Corded models create very little noise and are typically much quieter than gasoline engines. You will be able to mow your lawn without waking up the neighbors or having them listen to all of your work!

Less maintenance: Since corded models don't have a combustion engine, they do not need oil and gas to be changed like gasoline models. There is no filter that needs to be replaced and the blades only need to be sharpened or replaced when needed.


There's no getting around the fact that corded electric lawn mowers are not as powerful as gas or battery-powered engines. If you have a large yard then this type of mower might require that you make multiple trips to get all of your work done, which is very frustrating. The blades will only turn at one speed, so it can be difficult to cut tall grass or areas that have a lot of weeds.

Corded models might not be as durable as other types that use gas or batteries, so if you're going to choose this type then it's important for you to take good care of your lawn mower and inspect it regularly for signs of wear and tear. You also need to remember that even though corded electric lawn mowers do not give off emissions they still need to be stored somewhere where the exhaust fumes won't reach or bother you.

We recommend corded electric models for anyone who does not have a lot of yard work to do, or anyone that prefers low levels of noise while they work. If you prefer to mow your lawn without waking up the neighbors then this is an excellent choice, but you also need to remember that they do not work very well on large properties or in areas that have tall grass.

How does corded electric lawn mowers work?

Corded electric lawn mowers typically have a single blade that spins, much like a regular gas-powered lawn mower. However, unlike small engines that run on gasoline or diesel, there is no fuel combustion taking place to spin the blades and power the motor. This type of engine is powered by electricity, the same type of power that powers your toaster or hair dryer at home.

The mower itself has an electric motor and it must be plugged into an electrical outlet at all times in order for it to run properly. There are models that have a battery compartment where you can install very large batteries, but most models only use the power cord. Some people choose to add an extension cord when they want to mow their lawns with a corded model.

We recommend that you use heavy-duty cords like the ones typically used for air compressors  to avoid tripping on your yard when you're out there doing your work. Corded electric lawn mowers are typically not as powerful compared to gas-powered or battery-powered engines. This means that the blades won't turn as fast, which means it will take longer to mow your yard when compared with other types of small engines.

It can be very frustrating trying to finish your work in one go, so some people choose to make multiple trips to get the job done. If you have a large yard then this might be something that you will need to consider when choosing which type of lawn mower you want for your yard. Corded electric mowers are not recommended for anyone who has a lot of trimming or edging work, since the blades don't turn as fast you might struggle to get your lawn edges clean.

If you have a lot of trimming to do then we recommend you use a gas-powered or battery-powered mower, or simply use a standard weed wacker .

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Reviews

1) Sun Joe MJ401E Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Sun Joe MJ401E 14 INCH 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower

The selling point of the Sun Joe MJ401E mower is its excellent value for money. At a fair price, this electric mower offers a notable performance. It features a low-resistance plastic construction making.

As such, it’s only ideal for mowing smooth residential terrains. The bright green color alongside its bare-bones design makes it very striking in appearance. About its power, this electric lawn mower incorporates a 12-amp motor.

Together with a 14” cutting deck, it achieves an excellent power to cutting diameter ratio. In other terms, it delivers very clean cuts and doesn’t even strain at all. If you own a bigger lawn, you may end up making whole lore passes to cover the entire yard.

Like most electric mowers, the MJ401E also comes with a push-button start on the handlebar. All it requires to get going is for you to press the red button. Then pull the safety lever to the handlebar’s direction, and that's it.

On the right-hand side, the machine features a safety lever. Since the lever is on the far end, it limits you to operate it using your right hand. Even so, it’s convenient to hold and comfortable as well. Then again, it has 6” both front and back plastic wheels. You can tell they are ideal for lower cut and flatter surfaces. But surprisingly, they are also impressive when moving on rough terrains.

The Sun Joe MJ401 corded electric lawn mower incorporates three height settings. By this, it allows you to have control over the grass size in your yard. Lastly, it also includes a top-notch rear bag for catching grass cuttings.


  • Quick to set up
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Decent quality of cut
  • Top-notch grass catcher bag
  • Reasonable price
  • Very straightforward to operate
  • Requires very minimal maintenance


  • Small grass bag and wheels
  • Weak plastic construction

2) Greenworks 25142 Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25142 Lawn mower

If simple grass cutting and mulching are what you are after, the Greenworks 25142 is ideal for you.

To kick us off, this mowing machine includes a 16” cutting deck. In comparison to competitive counterparts, it is a bit smaller. For this reason, it is ideal for small size gardens and lawns. In other words, you’ll use more time mowing larger loans using this model.

Most mowers out there include a steel deck, but that’s not the case with the Greenworks 25142. Instead, this corded electric lawn mower features plastic on the deck. What’s more impressive is how the unit still manages to feel quite sturdy. Unlike steel models, this mower will never undergo rust; hence it might last longer.

Remarkably, this lawn mower consists of five single-level height adjustment positions. Regardless of how tall you are, this machine allows you to control the cutting height for different grass types. It also enables you to undertake these adjustments without having to switch off the machine.

It also delivers two options when you need to discharge grass clippings. You can either choose between mulch and rear discharge. It may be disappointing for some people how this lawn mower doesn’t include a bagging option.

The machine’s handle is then foldable in two parts. By doing so, it becomes more compact and, therefore, wouldn’t require much storage space. Moreover, cleaning under its cutting deck using a hose is safe.

With the help of a 10-amp electric motor, the Greenworks 25142 achieves an impeccable performance. Even so, keep in mind that this is limited to small gardens and lawns only.


  • Very lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Doesn’t require any assembly
  • Quick cutting height adjustment
  • Folding handle and compact design for easy storage
  • 2-in-1 feature that offers mulching and rear bagging
  • Ideal cutting performance for small lawns


  • Not suitable for big yards
  • Small grass bag hence frequent emptying

3) American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Electric Mower

American Lawn Mower Company 50514 Electric Mower

This Electric mower from American Lawn Mower Company is a gem for most users. With a powerful 11-amp powerful motor, this machine is very useful when cutting through shrubs and grass. Even more impressive, the motor scores high as far as efficiency is in question. Regardless of being powerful, this mowing machine is quite light in weight and durable to boot.

This corded electric mower then features a 14” wide cutting width. By covering a substantial surface area, also saves you much time in the long run. What’s more, this unit also consists of a blade height adjustment feature. You can thereby control the length of the grass to your preference.

Remarkably, the American Lawn 50514 mower includes both the mulching and rear bag grass discharge options. With a capacity of 9.25 gallons, the top-quality grass bag prevents the grass chippings from straying and hitting your face. It even comprises an indicator that notifies you when to empty the grass bag.

As you’d expect, this mowing machine boasts a compact and ultralightweight design. For this reason, pushing the unit around is nothing but effortless. Besides easy operation, it’s design also comes in handy when storing it. Its straightforward assembly is also worth mentioning.

The unit also comes with easy rolling composite wheels. With 7” of size, these plastic wheels are not just durable but sturdy enough to roll on most terrains. They also allow hassle-free movements of the mower in any direction you want.


  • Powerful motor for cutting through shrubs and grasses
  • 5-level height adjustment
  • Reasonable price thus affordable
  • Eco-friendly mowing machine
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • 2-in-1 grass discharge options


  • Not ideal for huge yards

How much do corded electric lawn mowers cost?

Cordless electric lawn mowers cost anywhere from $150 up to $400, depending on how powerful the engine is and what additional features it has. Corded electric mowers typically cost less than cordless models because they do not need a battery or electrical components.

The typical price range for this type of lawn mower is about $100-$200 . However, you may find models that are much more expensive if they come with additional features like self-propelled wheels or mulching capability.

Buying Guide for Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

You can’t just pick the next lawn mower you find, you will have to make sure that you invest in the best. There are a few features that you would have to consider while buying the corded electric lawnmowers, and these are the following:

Width of the Mower

One of the first things that you need to consider would be the mower width while buying the corded lawn mower. The cutting width of the lawn mower would impact how much grass you can cut at once. You might think a 2-inch difference is no big deal but when it comes to mowing a large garden it makes too much difference.

The width would be determined by the size of the mower, so you don’t want to invest in the bigger lawn mower which makes it difficult to store it. Consider the size of your garden and then select the lawn mower width accordingly.

Discharge Settings

Another one of the things that you should be considering would be the discharge settings. You should know that there are a total of three major discharge settings and not all the mowers feature them all. Mulching, bags, and side discharges can be useful from one condition to another. So you may as well evaluate your needs and then buy the one that you find ideal.

 Easy to Use

The next thing that you should be looking for would be the corded electric lawn mower easy to use feature. If you think of buying a corded electric lawn mower then it shouldn't be such an arduous task as some of them may seem to be.

You should look for those brands which offer simplicity and ease of use so that it would be a breeze for you to operate and maintain them.

The Cord Length

It is possible that you may experience some issues with the corded garden mowers if the cord length is short, and they tend to become a hassle than an ease. So it is important that you look for those brands which offer a longer cord so it makes your mowing experience more comfortable and easy.

Height Settings

Height settings are crucial if you are looking to maintain your garden or lawn at a certain level. You should know that there are only two types of mowing heights available which are low and high, but some manufacturers have found new ways to provide ease to the consumers with different types of mowing heights.

Brand Value and Overall Quality of Lawn Mower

You should look for a reputable brand with a history of manufacturing high-quality lawn mowers. The name and the overall quality is also something that you would have to look into because it can help in knowing what type of product or service that company is offering. This does not necessarily mean that cheap brands are always bad but this simple step can help in knowing what type of quality you would be getting.


Last but not the least you should look for a corded electric lawn mower that is affordable or suits your budget while still maintaining its level of quality. Affordability does not necessarily mean cheap, because there are some brands which can be expensive but can provide ease and excellence to you making it worth investing in.

So when looking to buy affordable lawn mowers no matter if it is electric or gas one should look into all the factors that have been mentioned.

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