5 Best Earthwise Lawn Mower Reviews 2022

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If you're in the market for Earthwise Lawn Mower Reviews, then this is the post for you. We've done all of the research and found Earthwise lawn mowers to be one of the best on the market today. Earthwise has been around since 2008 and their lawn mowers are made with quality materials that will last a lifetime! Earthwise's mission is to provide environmentally friendly products that deliver superior performance without compromising safety or customer satisfaction.

The Earthwise brand itself was created in 2008 to fill a growing need in the industry. At the turn of the millennium, more companies realized that Earth needed to be protected from wastes and emissions from machines. That is why American Lawn Mower created the Earthwise brand to focus on environmentally friendly units. This brand focuses on tools without emissions or carbon footprints.

American Lawn Mower was established in 1895 and has been in continuous operation ever since. For most of its existence its main product has been the reel-style, manually powered lawn mower. American Lawn Mower went through some tough times in the post World War II years when homeowners embraced the gas and then electric powered lawn mowers. To weather the storm the company developed its own line of powered mowers, but shifted back toward reel mowers in the 1980s when environmental concerns caused customers to reassess their choice of mower.

In 2008 American Lawn Mower launched the Earthwise imprint as a way to draw more attention to their environmentally friendly lithium battery-powered mowers. Today, the Earthwise line features both cordless and corded electric mowers. As you’ll see in our Earthwise lawn mower reviews, their corded mowers tend to be a bit smaller and have 8 or 12 amp motors. While the cordless lithium-ion powered mowers are available with 24 or 36 volt batteries.

In just over a decade, Earthwise lawn mowers have made a significant impact on the American lawn mower space, becoming one of the most popular brands of electric mowers on the market.

Where are Earthwise Lawn Mowers Made?

The American Lawn Mower Company produces mowers for its Earthwise line at its factory in Shelbyville, Indiana. This is the same factory the company acquired when they bought competitor Great States lawn mowers in 1936, although it’s been upgraded several times since then.

Top 5 Best Earthwise Lawn Mower 2022

1) Earthwise 65821 58 Volt 3-in-1 Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower 21-Inch 

Earthwise 65821 58 Volt 3 in 1 Cordless Electric Push Lawn Mower 21 Inch

Reducing your grass has actually certainly never been much easier with Earthwise 58V mower. The effective 58V provides gasoline like energy without the dangerous exhausts, gasoline, or even oil. This lawn mower features a resilient brushless motor, 21 in steel deck, 6 measure reducing elevation adjustment, fold down takes care of for simple storing, headache free switch begin, 3-in-1 mulching/side charge/grass bag, and a supported grip manage with bond wire button.

2) Earthwise 50520 20-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Earthwise 50520 20 Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower

The Earthwise 50520 20-Inch corded lawn mower has a 20” deck that is suitable for small to medium-sized lawns around 1/8 Acre and has the ability to bag, mulch and side discharge the cuttings. The mower has a 12-amp electric motor and 4 cutting heights from 1.75 inch to 4 inch and it includes safety features to prevent accidental starting. This is a relatively light-weight model at just 50 lbs that will fold down into a small and compact package for easy storage.

This mower from Earthwise has something for everyone. The 50520 has a wide deck, powerful motor, and several methods of dealing with cut grass. This is a well-made machine that is quiet, safe, and easy to use. In this Earthwise 50520 Review you will learn all of its features and functions and by the end of the review know if this is the right mower for you and your garden.

3) Earthwise 60420 20-Inch Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Earthwise 60420 20 Inch Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

The 60420 uses a powerful 40-volt battery that provides consistent mowing performance. With a single charge, it is powerful enough to handle any work necessary. You will not have to worry about tricky pull-starts and noisy operation as its battery has been developed so that it is convenient to use. Its battery is removable to allow you to charge it away from your lawnmower.

This mower features a 3-in-1 design.

It functions as a mulching / side discharge / rear bag mower. Its mulching feature will allow you to thicken your lawn, particularly during the spring. On the other hand, you can clear the leaves in the fall using its rear bag. These features will allow your machine to adjust to the changing seasons.

4) Earthwise 50519 19-Inch 13-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Earthwise 50519 19 Inch 13 Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

The electric corded walk behind the push mower provides a clean, reliable cut every time. The 13-Amp motor is powerful enough to tackle the toughest mowing jobs and is a great mower for homeowners that maintain small lawns. This lean, mean, compact mowing machine will take care of all the hard work in a fashion with no oil or gas. This electric corded mower starts every time with just a push of a button and is always ready when you are. With the adjustable handle length, this mower can be custom fit to accommodate all users.

The 19 in. the steel blade will cut grass clean anywhere from 1 in. to 3 in. H with the 6-position easy-adjust cutting height options. This mower also features a grass bag with a level indicator allowing users to know when the bag is full. The lightweight and compact design makes this electric corded mower easy to operate and even easier to store when not in use. - the clean air choice.

5) Earthwise 1715-16EW 

71MXT8OvyEL. AC SL1500

Earthwise 1715-16EW is a simple reel mower that does its job flawlessly. The mower comes in a nice finish with a very sturdy build. The build is durable enough to last you a long time even after using it for heavy jobs. Moreover, the mower comes in a box and you have to do a minor assembly before using it. There is not much to it, you just need to attach the handles and then set the blade accordingly and it’s done.


When you have so many options to choose from, it becomes a challenging task to select one from it. So to make it easier for you, we have listed some of the best electric lawn mowers. All of these are manufactured by Earthwise, so there is no doubt about its quality and reliability. Check your requirements and order the one which suits you the best.

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