10 Best Greenworks Lawn Mower Reviews 2022

Greenworks Lawn Mower Reviews

Greenworks is a brand that many people are interested in, but not all of them know what Greenworks has to offer. Greenworks Lawn Mowers are some of the best on the market right now. Whether you want to get rid of your gas-powered mower or you need something more powerful, Greenworks offers an excellent range for every type of customer. If you're looking for reviews about Greenworks products, this article will give you insights into why they are so popular!

How to Use a Greenworks Lawn Mower?

You are probably wondering, “Are GreenWorks lawn mowers any good?” Well here is your answer: these mowers have a long life and can be used for many different types of terrain. They come with high-quality blades that make cutting the grass easier than most other models on the market today!

Greenworks products seem to offer some great features such as having a longer blade life, being able to handle various terrains well (sandy or uneven ground), coming with quality-made blades which don’t need replacing often like what you would find in general competitors’ brands.

The Greenworks brand was started in 2002 by entrepreneur Lin Chen who would go on to be named the Ernst & Young 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year in China. Chen has an ambition to eliminate gas powered tools from the yard and replace them with efficient, reliable electric powered devices. Preferably those made by his company.

In just a few years Chen’s company, Globe Tools Group, (which produces the Greenworks brand), went from a small Chinese startup based in Changzhou to an international powerhouse in the lawn and garden space with a global presence and an ever-expanding line of innovative corded and cordless mowers.

Where are Greenworks Lawn Mowers Made?

Greenworks has experienced phenomenal growth in the past decade and has moved aggressively into markets on every continent. However, as the company has grown and expanded its product line one thing has not changed: all of its mowers are still produced in the company’s massive facility in Changzhou, China.

The company’s enormous Chinese based production capability was one of the things that made it so attractive for Stihl to invest in. Part of the deal they struck with Globe Tools Group was to allow Stihl to move some of their chainsaw production from Europe to the Changzhou facility in order to cut production costs.

10 Best Greenworks Lawn mower Reviews In 2022

1) Greenworks 25322 Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks 25322 Cordless Lawn Mower

The battery consistently provides power to the lawnmower, and it can also be charged remarkably fast. This mower comes with a safety key, but you have to install it near the battery compartment. It can be used to stop the mower abruptly.  

In order to start the mower, you’ll have to push the start button and keep holding it until you hear the engine start. It’s better suited for mulching, and it even has a rear flap that will protect you from flying debris. 

Features and benefits:

SmartCut Technology: This mower features load sensing technology that can determine the toughness of the grass and increase the mower’s speed to deal with it. 

Maneuverability: This mower has a medium-sized deck with a width of 16 inches. It’s best suited for mowing over small to medium-sized lawns. Its large 7″ rear tires provide you with a smooth mowing experience. 

Runtime: The Greenworks 25322 mower has a runtime of 45 to 60 minutes. You’ll be able to mow your entire lawn before the battery gets drained out. 

Efficiency: This mower is really energy-efficient. Furthermore, it causes 50% less vibration and noise than gas-powered mowers. Overall, it’s a fantastic lawnmower with a lot of useful features. Also, it’s quite affordable, and so you can definitely consider buying it. 

2) Greenworks 14-Inch 10 Amp Corded Dethatcher 27022 

Greenworks 14 Inch 10 Amp Corded Dethatcher 27022

The Greenworks 27022 dethatcher is easy to use. You can start it just by pushing a button. This dethatcher is also self-propelled, and it will move smoothly over your lawn. You won’t have to worry about pushing it. The Greenworks dethatcher even comes with 18 extra tines so that you can replace them in case one of them gets damaged. 

You can detach your lawn with the Greenworks dethatcher and then manually pick up the debris and unwanted materials. Or, you can take the easy route and use your lawnmower to collect the debris by vacuuming it up. Remember, when you have detached the yard from one direction, you’ll have to detach it again from the opposite direction as well.  

Features and benefits:

Storage: This mower has a compact design, and its handles can be folded. You can easily store it in your garage or your shed.  

Tines: The dethatching path of this mower is 14 inches long. This mower features 18 stainless steel tines. These tines are sturdy, and they are also quite useful. 

Depth Adjustment: You can easily adjust the depth height of the tines in three different positions. 

Starting: Starting this mower is really straightforward. At first, you’ll have to push the instant-start button, and then you will have to push the lever down. 

We genuinely liked this detacher, and we were impressed by its durability and performance. We strongly suggest you buy it.

3) Greenworks MO40B410 Cordless Lawn Mower

Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower MO40B410

The Greenworks MO40B410 lawn mower is a well-built mower that’s easy to use. It only takes you about 10-15 minutes to assemble the mower. You’ll definitely be pleased with the cutting performance of this mower. We tested this mower out on an uneven lawn with irregular surfaces and steep slopes, but it still performed exceptionally well. It’s quite proficient at cutting tall, rugged grass.

Note that we suggest you put the mower at a high-level setting while mowing your yard in order to get the best possible results. 

Just like the previous entries on our list, this mower is also easy to start. You can start the engine only by pushing a button. This mower is quite fast, and you can mow your entire lawn in just an hour. 

Features and benefits:

Battery: This mower is powered by a powerful 4AH and 40V Li-ion battery. And this battery can be used in other Greenworks products. 

Maneuverability: The Greenworks MO40B410 lawnmower is surprisingly lightweight. That’s why it’s effortless to maneuver around the yard. 

Height Adjustment: This mower offers five different height adjustment options. You can adjust the cutting height from 1.25” to 3.375”.

Deck: It has a compact deck with a width of 14 inches. The deck is made out of plastic, and it’s designed for mulching and bagging. 

Runtime and performance: The battery provides the mower with a total runtime of 45 minutes. Most importantly, you can mow up to half an acre of land in that time. 

This lawnmower has a compact design, and it performs well in different mowing conditions. And as it comes with lots of amazing features, you should consider purchasing it. 

4) Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25012

Greenworks Corded Electric Lawn Mower 25012

Although the Greenworks 25012 lawnmower isn’t that powerful, it comes with a sufficient amount of power to mow a lawn that’s small and flat. This mower is lightweight, well-built, and assembling this mower is quite easy. It operates quietly, and you won’t have to worry about the neighbors complaining about any kind of noise.

The 25012 mower has a compact design and that’s why you can easily store it. And since this is an electric lawnmower, maneuvering it throughout the yard isn’t that difficult. All the tires of this lawnmower are of the same size. That’s why it can maintain its balance properly at all times. You can adjust its mowing height to tackle any kind of mowing conditions. 

Features and benefits:

Type of Mowing: The Greenworks 25012 is designed as a 2-in-1 mower. And eventually, it’s capable of mulching and side discharge


Height Adjustment: You can adjust the cutting height of this lawnmower into seven different positions. You can change the height from 1.75” to 3.75”.

Motor: This mower features a robust 12Amp electric motor. This motor enables the mower to cut through thick, rugged grass. 

Deck: The 18-inch deck of this lawnmower is pretty durable, and it’s made of steel. And of course, this deck is best suited for mulching. 

To some extent, this is an excellent lawnmower, especially considering the price. You can buy it with confidence. 

5) Greenworks 25072 Push Reel Lawn Mower 

Greenworks 25072 Push Reel Lawn Mower

The Greenworks 25072 lawnmower has a unique design. Its blade rotates with the tires and cuts the grass as it moves around the lawn. It has a 20-inch deck as well. That’s almost as large as the decks on some of the gas-powered mowers. It has two large front wheels that are connected to the blades. The rear wheels are small, and their height can be adjusted to change the cutting height of the mower. 

The assembly of this mower is pretty straightforward. Just follow the instruction manual, and you’ll be good to go.

When we tested this lawnmower out, we had to go back and forth on our lawn to get an excellent, clean cut. That’s because it’s not like a regular engine-powered car. And so it doesn’t create a vacuum. This mower doesn’t cause any noise, and so you can even mow at night. You won’t have to worry about waking your neighbors. 

Features and benefits:

Maneuverability: This mower is lightweight. It has massive 10″ front tires and 2” rear rollers. You can maneuver it around your yard even if your lawn has even surfaces. 

Height Adjustment: The Greenworks 25072 mower offers four different positions for setting the cutting height. The height can be adjusted from 1.125 to 2.25 inches.

Efficiency: This mower is eco-friendly, and it doesn’t release any kind of fumes or carbon emissions. It will provide you with an evenly cut lawn. 

Type of Mowing: The Greenworks 25072 is categorized as a 2-in-1 lawnmower. So, it’s capable of bagging and mulching.  

This mower can cut through the grass the same way a knife cuts through butter. We highly recommend it.  

6) Greenworks Self-Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower MO40L02 

Greenworks Self Propelled Cordless Lawn Mower MO40L02

First of all, this lawnmower has a deck size of 21 inches, which is quite large, especially considering the fact that this is an electric lawnmower. It has a dual-port battery storage system. One battery powers the engine, and the other remains stored for later use. The Greenworks M040L02 mower also has a safety switch near the battery compartment.

You can pull it out, and it will stop the lawnmower instantly. It will come in handy in emergencies when you may need to stop the mower abruptly. It has a single lever height adjustment system, and you can adjust the heights of all the tires at the same time. Furthermore, it features variable speed, which enables the mower to increase the speed while mowing tall grass, and it slows the mower down while mowing the low grass.

In fact, this mower is easy to store, and it’s really quiet. 

Features and benefits:

Vertical Storage: This mower features a foldable handle. And that’s why you can easily store this mower vertically in your garage.  

Push Button Start: It’s a cordless lawnmower. Which means you won’t have to pull a cord multiple times to start the engine. All you have to do is push the instant-start button. 

Batteries: The Greenworks M040L02 lawnmower features a dual battery port system. A 40V Li-ion battery powers it. There is storage space for two batteries in the battery compartment. One of them powers the mower, and the other works as a backup. 

Height Adjustment: It has seven different height adjustment options that range from 1.375″ to 3.75″.

You know you’ll surely be impressed by this mower’s performance. Anyone can use it as it’s extraordinarily user-friendly. 

7) Greenworks 25052 Reel Lawn Mower  

Greenworks 25052 Reel Lawn Mower

This mower has a simple and straightforward design. It’s surprisingly inexpensive, and it gets the job done perfectly. The 25052 grass catcher needs a little bit of assembly. But, you don’t need to worry about that because it comes with a detailed instruction manual. 

It’s really lightweight, and it weighs about 26 pounds. That’s why maneuvering it through your lawn would be extremely easy for you. It has five blades connected with the front wheels. These blades are remarkably sharp, and they can even cut rugged grass. 

Remember, this mower is only suitable for smaller lawns. So, you might have a tough time mowing a large lawn using the 25052 mower. 

Features and benefits:

Cutting surface: The Greenworks 25052 mower features a cutting path that has a length of 20 inches. The five blades that are cascaded together are capable of cutting the grass quickly and efficiently. 

Height Adjustment: This mower offers nine different height adjustment options to the user. You can adjust the cutting height from 1.75 inches to 2.75 inches. 

Efficiency: This mower can cut the grass effectively and store the clippings in the bag. It doesn’t require any kind of gas, and it does not release any fumes. 

Type of Mowing: The Greenworks 25052 mower is capable of mulching as well as bagging. 

After all, you can be sure to be satisfied with this mower’s cutting performance and maneuverability. Besides, this mower is inexpensive. So, you should consider purchasing it. 

8) Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022

Greenworks Electric Corded Lawn Mower 25022

The Greenworks 25022 lawnmower is better suited for mowing small lawns. It’s quite user-friendly, and it unfolds pretty easily. You can also make minor adjustments to the lawnmower if you like. It’s a budget-friendly lawnmower. But we would suggest you purchase a more powerful lawnmower if you have a large yard. As the name suggests, this is a corded lawnmower, and you have to plug the cord into a socket. 

The best thing is if you have overgrown grass, then the Greenworks 25022 mower may find it a bit tough to mow through it. But we would suggest you mow your lawn at a slow pace while using this mower. It’s a lightweight mower that’s surprisingly easy to push. Overall, the 25022 mower is an exceptional lawnmower, and it comes at an affordable price. 

Features and benefits:

Deck: The Greenworks 25022 lawn mower has a bigger deck compared to other Greenworks mowers. It’s 20” wide deck comes in handy while mulching.


Type of Mowing: This lawnmower is developed as a 3-in-1 mower. That means it’s suitable for side discharge, mulching, and rear bagging.   

Height Adjustment: You can determine the height of the grass clippings after they have been cut by adjusting the deck-height of the lawnmower. The 25022 lawnmower has seven different height adjustment options available to the operator. You can even change the cutting height from 1.5 inches to 3.75 inches.

Starting: It has a push-button starting mechanism. It also features a manual drive system.

We must say the Greenworks 25022 is a heavy-duty mower that has many exciting features. We highly recommend it. 

9) Greenworks GLM801601 Lawn Mower 

Greenworks GLM801601 Lawn Mower

Out of all the Greenworks lawnmowers that we have put on our list, the GLM801601 model had the longest running time. It’s also the most powerful lawnmower on our list. It did an incredible job of cutting the grass while we were mowing our lawn with it in bagging mode. It also performed well in mulching mode. 

The GLM801601 mower features a heavy-duty steel deck. The handles are connected using thumb dials. But you have to make sure to tighten them as much as possible. Otherwise, the handle may become loose. 

Features and benefits:

Runtime: Two fully charged 80V batteries power this mower. You’ll get a total runtime of 60 minutes.


Smart Cut Technology: This mower can adjust its speed according to the ruggedness of the grass. That’s because the GLM801601 mower is equipped with load sensing technology. 

Motors: Brushless motors power this mower. In fact, it has enough power to cut tall, thick grass. It neither causes any kind of noise, nor does it release any fumes. 

Type of Mowing: It’s a 3-in-1 mower, and thus it’s capable of bagging, mulching, and side discharge. 

This mower will provide you smooth operation, and it won’t cause any kind of noise. It’s one of the best cordless mowers made by Greenworks that you can consider to have. 

10) Greenworks Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower

Greenworks Cordless Twin Force Lawn Mower

This mower comes mostly assembled. All you have to do is unfold the handles and set them up. Then you have to insert the batteries inside the mower. Now let’s know about the unique features of it. It has a lever on the front part of the deck that’s used for changing the cutting height of the mower. It adjusts all the tires at the same time. 

The most exciting feature of this mower is its twin blade system. What’s more, the twin blades rotate in the opposite direction to provide you with the best possible cutting performance. Starting this mower is quite easy, and all you have to do is push the start button and pull the lever down. It comes with a bagger, which is quite large and it can store a lot of grass clippings. 

Features and benefits:

Dual Batteries: It features a dual battery port. The mower is powered by one battery and when it drains out, the mower switches over to the other one automatically. 

Runtime: The mower has the most extended runtime of all the entries on our list. It can run for 70 minutes straight on a single charge. But you should remember that runtime mostly depends on the mowing condition. 

Smart Cut Technology: It can change the mower’s speed according to the thickness of the grass clippings. 

Battery: A reliable 40V G-Max battery powers this mower. You know this lawnmower is pretty versatile, and its cut quality is excellent. It’s definitely worth considering. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Greenworks lawn mower

  1. What is the size of your lawn and how often do you cut it.
  2. What type of terrain you have.
  3. How much time you want to spend on maintenance.
  4. What features are important to you (i.e., electric start, cordless, mulching).
  5. How often do you mow the lawn and what is your budget for a new mower.
  6. Do you want an environmentally friendly or more traditional gas-powered model.
  7. What are the benefits of using a GreenWorks lawn mower.
  8. How does the Greenworks Lawn Mower compare to other brands and models.
  9. Is it worth investing in this type of lawnmower for your home or business?
  10. What are some maintenance tips for keeping your GreenWorks running smoothly?
  11. How do you know if it’s time to replace your old one with a new one.
  12. Do you want a push reel-type or self-propelled type?
  13. Think about where you want to store the mower – if it’s small, consider a cordless model.
  14. Look for features like mulching capability, an adjustable height handle, and safety features such as a blade brake.
  15. Buy from reputable brands with good warranties in case something goes wrong while using the product.
  16. Avoid cheap knock-offs that will break quickly and need to be replaced again soon after purchase.

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