4 Best Lawn Mower Covers to Buy in 2022

Best Lawn Mower Covers

The best Lawn Mower Covers are the ones that protect your equipment from dust, debris, and leaves. There is nothing worse than getting ready to mow your lawn only to find out that someone has left a bunch of leaves on top of your Lawn Mower Cover. This blog post will teach you how to find the best Lawn Mower Cover for you!

A Lawnmover cover is designed to protect Lawn mowers from dust, water and debris that can cause damage when left outside in storage. Most importantly they provide protection against rust and prolong Lawn mowers lifespan.

Types of Lawn Mower Covers


These are designed for lawnmowers that are stored in a shed, garage, or any indoor space. They offer a basic level of protection against humidity, water, dust, dirt, and pests. However, they won’t last long if used to cover outdoor equipment and may start fraying or cracking when exposed to extreme weather. 


These covers are designed for lawnmowers that are stored outside where they are constantly exposed to harsh weather and the elements. The covers have a sturdier construction that can hold up to the harsh environment, and most are waterproof, UV protected, and wind-resistant. Also, they can offer years of protection.

How to find the best Lawn Mower Cover for you

1) Choose The Material That You Want Your Lawn Mower Cover To Be Made Out Of

2) Determine How Much Coverage You Need

3) Invest In A Quality Lawn Mower Cover

  • Lawn Mower Cover Costs

The cost for Lawn Mower Covers varies depending on a number of factors including:

  • Size

The size of Lawnmower Covers depends on the size of Lawn Mower that you own. Larger Lawnmowers require larger covers to help protect them, which also adds cost to the cover.

  • Construction

The type and quality of material used for construction can affect final price as well. If a Lawn Mower Cover has more durable construction materials, it will be more expensive.

  • Brand

Lawn Mower Covers from popular brand names can have a higher cost due to the name recognition and quality of material used for construction.

Benefits of Lawn Mower Covers

Some of the benefits to using Lawn Mower Covers include:

  • They keep water, dust, dirt and debris from accumulating on your equipment. 

  • They protect against rusting. Rust is a problem that can affect any metal mower if they are not properly cared for or stored when not in use. Lawn Mower Covers can help to reduce rusting issues.

  • They protect against UV damage from the sun, which is a problem that affects all metal equipment if they are not properly cared for or stored when not in use.

  • Lawn Mower Covers can help to prevent this problem as well. They also offer protection from bird droppings and other natural elements.

  • Lawn Mower Covers can help to prolong the life of your equipment because it is stored safely and being protected from damage that could come from harsh weather conditions.

  • Lawn Mower Covers can also prevent theft. Lawn mowers are an expensive investment and it is important to do whatever you can to keep them safe, including covering them with Lawn Mower Covers when they’re not in use.

4 Best Lawn Mower Covers Reviews & Recommendations 2022

1) Hybrid Covers Lawn Mower Cover

Hybrid Covers Lawn Mower Cover

Hybrid Covers offers a reliable cover that can help to keep your lawnmower in good condition when it’s not in use. It’s designed as a universal fit for push, gas, or electric lawn mowers that are up to 35 inches wide. The cover is made of Oxford polyester fabric featuring advanced polymers that resist tears and water penetration. It’s also UV Protected. This helps to provide year-round protection from rain, snow, and sunny conditions so you can leave your lawn mower outside without worrying about damage. 

Being a thin cover, it may fly off during strong winds, but a drawcord helps to provide a snug fit so the cover doesn’t get blown off easily. It also helps to keep out dirt, dust, rodents, and other small animals to prevent premature damage to the internal components.

2) Himal Lawn Mower Cover

Himal Lawn Mower Cover

The Himal Lawn Mower Cover is an excellent all-around choice for any walk-behind or push lawn mowers. This cover is universal, which means it’s sized to fit nearly any lawn mower up to 25 x 74 inches. It’ll cover all kinds of different models, including Toro, Craftsman, Honda, Greenworks, and more lawn mowers. It’s made out of strong 600D Oxford cloth with double stitching that can resist regular wear and tear. And, this lawn mower cover is also incredibly waterproof, as it features a double waterproof coating on the inside. Though the fabric may discolor easily, it’ll effectively keep out potentially harmful elements like sunlight, rain, wind, dust, leaves, birds, and more. 

A tough tightening cord at the bottom of the cover lets you securely wrap up the entire machine. The cover also comes with a storage bag, so any time you remove the cover, you can easily roll it up, and pack it away.

3) Family Accessories Lawn Mower Cover

Family Accessories Lawn Mower Cover

Keep your zero-turn lawn mower or large tractor safe from the elements with this cover featuring a weatherproof design made of polyurethane coating. The PU coating is on the inner layer and at the seams, while the outer layer is made of marine-grade 600D fabric. This makes it more reliable for all-weather protection than standard covers. The cover protects the equipment from dust, dirt, bird droppings, rain, snow, and harmful UV rays. An elastic hem provides a snug fit, and while this limits the type of lawnmowers it can fit on, it helps to secure the cover on the lawn mower even in strong winds. 

The design also includes two air vents to prevent condensation in humid conditions, and the fabric resists cracking in subzero temperature. When not in use, you can fold and store it neatly in the storage bag provided.

4) Classic Accessories Zero Turn Riding Mower Cover

Classic Accessories Zero Turn Riding Mower Cover

If you need a bigger cover suited for a riding lawn mower, the Classic Accessories Zero Turn Riding Mower Cover will do the job. Suitable for zero-turn mowers with a deck of up to 60 inches, this cover is made with Weather-X fabric that features water-resistant backing. The fabric is somewhat thin, but it’ll protect against both weather and all kinds of abrasion, as well as UV damage, rain, dirt, birds, and tree sap. At the bottom hem of the cover, there’s an elastic shock cord that provides a custom, secure fit. 

The cover is easy to slip over your mower, and you don’t have to worry about tears from movement. It features reinforced air vents to allow wind and air to blow through, preventing potential ballooning. When you’re not using this cover, you can roll it up and place it inside the included storage bag.

Tips for Buying Lawnmower Covers

When searching for Lawn Mowers or Lawnmower Cover make sure you choose a brand name that is well known and trusted, like the brands mentioned above . Do your research to find reviews of top Lawnmower Brands online before making a final purchase decision to ensure that you are getting a Lawnmower Cover or Lawn Mowers that are of high quality with good reviews.

Double check the dimensions of your Lawn mower to ensure you purchase a cover that will fit properly and provide maximum protection for your equipment . If you have any questions about which size Lawn Mowers , visit our website online where we offer an extensive list of Lawn Mower Brands and sizes all in one convenient place, Lawnmowers Direct.


Do Lawn mower covers work?

Yes, Lawnmower Covers are an effective tool to keep your Lawn Mower in good condition.

When should I use Lawn mower covers?

You can use Lawn mowers year round if you want to protect them from the elements and especially during winter periods when snowfall occurs.

Are Lawn Mower Covers necessary for my Lawn Mower?

Lawnmower Covers are not mandatory but they do help to prolong the life of your Lawn mowers and if you live in a cold climate region, it is advised that you use them when temperatures drop.  

How long will Lawn Mower Covers last for?

Lawnmover covers can last from three months up to a couple of years depending on the quality and how well you care for them.

Will Lawn Mower Covers fit a Lawnmower?

Lawn mover covers are designed to fit most standard push lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers or zero turn radius lawn mowers. Make sure you follow our sizing guidelines above so that your cover will last the longest.

How do Lawn Mower Covers work? Lawn mower covers protect your Lawnmowers from all types of weather conditions including rain, snow, wind and sun damage which prolong the life of your Lawn Mowers .

How often should I use Lawn Mower Covers? You can use them as much or as little depending on how often you use your Lawnmower and what type of weather conditions you live in. We advise using Lawn Mowers covers when outside temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit so that the Lawn mowers do not rust and to prevent snow or water damage .

Can I let my Lawn Mower run without a Lawn Mower Cover ?

No, we would recommend Lawn Mower covers are used when Lawn mowers are in operation or not being stored.

Can Lawnmower Covers be used with a Lawnmower Bag? Yes they can, Lawn mover covers work well with lawn mow bags to ensure that your Lawn Mowers have maximum protection from the elements at all times during storage and use .

What Lawn Mower brands are compatible with Lawnmower Covers?

Lawn mover covers can be used on most Lawnmowers including Cub Cadet, Troy Bilt, Craftsman, Honda , Husqvarna and more.

How do I clean my Lawn Mower Cover? We recommend spot cleaning your Lawn Mower cover to ensure it is free of debris and dirt. Lawn mower covers can be machine washed but we recommend using a gentle cycle setting to prolong the life of your cover .

Can I use Lawn Mowers in winter? Yes Lawnmowers can still be used during winter months if you have access to an outdoor outlet for power supply or if they are battery powered Lawn Mowers . Lawnmower covers do not work as well with battery Lawn mowers and we would recommend using our Cold Weather Charging Guide for more information on how to charge your Lawnmower batteries during winter months.

Are there any precautions I should take when storing my Lawnmower?

Yes, make sure you check all fluids are topped up before Lawnmower covers are used to ensure your Lawn mowers have sufficient fuel for use during the warmer months.

What is a Lawn Mower Bag? Lawnmower bags are used to collect debris and cuttings from the lawn after use. Lawn mowers should be stored in a Lawnmover cover or inside storage when not being used but if you do have to store your Lawn Mower outside for any period of time Lawn mower bags are a great way to collect any cuttings left behind.

What is the difference between Lawn Mover Covers and Lawnmower Bags? Lawnmower covers protect your Lawn mowers from dust, water and debris that can cause damage when left outside in storage .

Lawnmowr bags help Lawn mowers store Lawnmower cuttings and debris after use. Lawn Mover covers are designed to fit most standard push lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers or zero turn radius Lawnmowers .