How to mow a lawn

How to mow a lawn

Mowing a lawn can be frustrating for many, while on another hand, it can be an activity of pure satisfaction who like to beautify their garden or property. Lawn mowing is not as hard as it looks, a few precautionary steps and a little practice allows you to get evenly cut grass and a stunning garden.
What could be better than sitting in your lawn, with evenly cut grass, fresh air, beautiful and a cup of hot coffee? Once you mow your lawn, you are set to enjoy quite a few lovely mornings and evenings.

Before you actually start mowing your lawn, there are certain readying steps that you need to take so that you achieve stunningly even grass. The readying steps are as follow:

a) Clear any items, pets, debris or other materials from the grass

It is very necessary to clear the area that you are going to mow beforehand. It is possible that certain items can get in the way which can be harmful. Make sure that your pets are not around and also, make sure that there isn’t anything which will become a hurdle while you are mowing. Before you set your feet to mow the lawn, take a walk around and look for anything that you might need in your way and put it away. Sometimes, kids may leave things in the lawn so make sure that you check everything before you can mow the lawn.

b) Make sure that the blades of the mower are sharpened

You will be able to get the desired cut only if your lawnmower has sharp blades. Blades which are not sharp enough will require extra effort and will not even do the job properly. During a year, you will have to get the blades sharpened at least once or twice. Some people know how to sharpen the blades so they do it by themselves while others get it done by professionals.

c) Make sure that you check the oil and fuel levels

Adding fuel to a heated-up lawn mower can be dangerous. As you know, while mowing, the lawnmower gets hot and if there isn’t enough fuel then adding fuel to the hot mower engine can be very dangerous. In order to ensure safety, make sure that you have enough fuel before you start mowing. Also, keep the oil levels in check so that you can get efficient results.

d) Put on protective pieces of clothing

Lastly, in order to protect your hands and your eyes, you must wear gloves and protective glasses for your eyes. To be safer, make sure that you wear a hat and wear sunscreen too. In summers, it can cause sunburn.

After following all these steps, you are now ready to move around to mow your lawn. Let’s have a look at some steps that will tell you how you can achieve the best results.

a) Square off the lawn

To start off the mowing process, it is important that you draw boundary lines to help you mow easily. First, you can go around the perimeters if you are lawn or yard is not square or rectangular, and then you can draw squares to help you know where to mow and in what direction. You can start by going around the tress or any other curves that you might have in the lawn and then you can draw squares. It gives you enough room for turning. You can easily mow the whole lawn without being confused.

b) Go perpendicularly to the slope

Going back and forth on the slope can be very difficult, so the better option for you is to go perpendicular to the slope. It can be of a great risk if you slip and fall while going up and down on the slope. The better method is to go in straight lines, perpendicular to the slope.

c) Mow back and forth in the rectangles that you have created

Now comes the best part, you get to mow in the rectangles or squares that you have already created for guidance. What you will do is that you will start from one end and then mow all the way to the other end. After reaching the other end, you can turn around the mower and then mow in the opposite direction. So basically, you are going from one end to another and then turning around, and starting from the new end to the other. This will give you evenly cut grass and in a short period of time.

d) Throw clippings on the already cut grass

Make sure that you throw the clippings while you are mowing to the already cut grass. The finely cut clippings are great for the nourishment of the grass, also, the act as fertilizer too. It is possible to notice clumps of grass sitting in your yard. This is because of dull blades, make sure that you sharpened lades so that you get a fine cut and finely cut clippings. If you notice clumps of clippings in various spots in your yard then you can easily rake them to spread out in the lawn. A side-throwing mower is very handy because it throws the clippings on the side that you just mowed.

e) Create north-south and east-west lines alternatively


Make sure that you create north-south lines and east-west lines alternatively because if you don’t then the grass will be bent in just one direction creating an uneven texture. You don’t want the grass bent in one direction permanently.

f) Never mow the grass when it is wet

There are professionals who do cut the grass in light rain or while the grass is wet. However, if you are a beginner then you must avoid cutting grass in rain or while it is wet. It can be very dangerous; you can slip and get injured. Also, the lawnmower can get rusty and you will get uneven cuts due to wet grass. Instead of getting an even cut, you will end up with clumps on the grass. Make sure that you start with dry grass and then move your way forward in the whole lawn to avoid clumps, uneven cuts, or terrible falls and injuries.

g) Use circular patterns for odd-shaped yards

It is not necessary that all the yards are rectangular or square. In case you have an odd-shaped yard then you can switch the mowing pattern, instead of going back and forth you can use the circular pattern to achieve an even cut.

h) Don’t rush or hurry, take your time to mow

Lastly, the key point that you need to keep in mind is that you need the patience to do this job. If you are going to lack patience and you are going to rush then no matter how experienced you are, you will not be able to get the desired results. Stay patient and enjoy moving around in your lawn.

We hope that this article was helpful for you in having a look at the key steps to how to mow a lawn. By following these steps, you will be able to get a nice and even cut in your lawn.

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