3 Best Lawn Mower For Hills In 2022

Lawn Mower For Hills

In a nutshell, lawn mowers for hills, or push mowers allow you to configure the machine's adjustable features to your needs. This allows you to walk at an incline, while still maintaining a relatively flat terrain, without going too fast while doing so. The height-adjustable model lets customers make their own height adjustments and even lock them in place for convenience. With these machines, it becomes easier to maneuver over bumpy terrain and uneven surfaces.

The fact that a taller person can use this equipment more easily is another benefit of owning one of these units as opposed to using a more traditional type of lawn equipment. Since some have wider blades than others, those customers who want fewer grass clippings left behind will find this style of a mower more useful than those with smaller blades. A bigger bag will mean fewer trips to empty it out as well.

Another benefit is the fact that there are no gas fumes polluting the area around you, no oil spills from a small engine, and none of those annoying sounds associated with powered equipment. Your neighbors will likely thank you for using one on your lawn as well. Since they don't operate like a typical power tool, your lawn grass won't wear down as quickly over time either. Therefore you can go longer between each cut without worrying about having to maintain a carpet-like look every few days during peak months of production.

People who have back problems will also enjoy using these machines because they work with their bodies in a more ergonomically friendly manner. Think of it like this: you use your muscles in a certain way while mowing, and this helps them stay fit without having to lift heavy objects or get on one's knees repeatedly for upkeep purposes.

Wear and tear issues are also minimal with these units due to the lack of motorized components.

In most cases, the ones that have been available for sale over the past several years have been built to last a long time. This is especially true when contrasting their construction habits with those who build gas-powered mowers, which walk a fine line between being effective tools and disposable gadgets. Even if people don't feel comfortable using a push mower at first they will likely become so after a few days.

The cheapest models will only set you back around $100 and likely do as good of a job as far as cutting lawns go as many higher-priced alternatives. If you already have one that's older or broken then you might want to consider buying the same type again, especially if it worked well for your needs.

Expert review sites like this one usually recommend people buy electric types such as the Earthwise 50214 (starting at $120), Sun Joe MJ401E (starting at $140), and Greenworks 25142 (starting at $150) over gas-powered options because they run cleaner and don't require any special fluids like oil to stay functional. They can also be bought in most hardware stores, home improvement centers, and online outlets.

It's advised that customers compare prices between stores to get the best deals possible. The initial investment is often worth it for people who want to save money on yard maintenance in the long run. By buying a mower like this you may never have to hire another person again or pay for expensive repairs done by someone else. The small amount of time it takes to use these units can also help keep your lawn healthy over multi-year periods without having to take any special steps either.

Getting the best product based upon one's needs will ensure that they stay happy with their purchase choice moving forward into the future as well. After all, if you're passionate about keeping plants like grass growing strong then you will want to have the best equipment at your disposal.


This is a great product that comes with features like variable speed control, 8-inch front wheels that swivel around objects like rocks or tree roots without damage, and an 80 volt battery system that powers the unit seamlessly.

It's also super quiet when in use while still giving homeowners enough power to cover 1/4 acre on one single charge. This is a light unit as well, so homeowners can maneuver it around their yard with ease.


The Ariens IKON XD-52 (52″) 24HP Kohler Zero Turn Lawn Mower is a small, lightweight mower with a retractable blade. It has a 5-blade system that allows for more efficient use of the engine, and it uses hydraulics to adjust the cutting height for the optimal cut. The blade is made from steel and can be adjusted to different heights.

This is a very simple lawn mower, but it’s still a great mower. The only problem is that it is not self-propelled. The operator has to manually control the speed of the machine.


This product comes with a 16 inch cutting deck and can cut up to 0.5 acres of land on a single charge, which makes it perfect for homeowners who have larger yards than most but still need something that they can maneuver around without any issues.

This lawn mower for hills also comes with an 80 volt battery system so you won't be dealing with gas or fumes when operating this unit. It's quiet, easy to use, and has enough power to get things done within just one session.

What self propelled mower is best for hills?

The self-propelled mower is best for hills if you are looking to cut lots of terrain with steep slopes. The only downside with the self-propelled mower for hills, is that it can become difficult to handle in areas where there are significant changes in elevation throughout different portions of your yard.

With so many options on the market today, finding the best lawn mower for hills can be tough. When shopping around, consider these factors:

• Does this have a drive system?

If not, then it probably isn't best suited for hills. Drive systems give you more control over your unit and they're especially helpful when cutting up/down hill or on uneven surfaces.

• How much ground area can it cover per minute?

Look for something that is over 30 inches wide.

• How many cutting modes does your unit have?

Many units come with either mulching capabilities or bagging systems, and some even come with both. You don't need to go overboard on this, but having more than one option available will help keep your lawn looking great all season long without the headache of trying to change blades in the middle of a cut.

Many people who own homes where they have hills at their property line prefer using gas-powered models because they offer higher power and torque in most cases. However, that comes with a price: they're loud and emit fumes into the air that may not be good for you or your family when breathing in overtime. If you don't mind the extra noise or smell, then a gas-powered model might be right for you.

However, if this isn't something that you are comfortable with at all, it might be best to opt for an electric choice instead. This will allow you to cut your grass quietly and at the same time put less wear on your machine as well.

Storage is also something else that people should consider when shopping around for the best lawn mower for hills because they are not always intuitive to fold up and keep out of harm's way if they're too big or bulky.

Most models come with large storage capacities where the machine folds into itself so that it can easily be stored just about anywhere without taking up too much space.

Make sure that you get the right lawn mower for hills for your own needs before making the purchase. This way, it will be able to meet all of your expectations and you won't have to worry about not getting complete value out of the upfront cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can riding mowers go up hills?

A riding mower will have a better advantage going uphill as opposed to a push model, but there are some things that your unit may struggle with. A riding mower requires gas and engine maintenance. This means that it is more difficult to store since you need storage space for the whole unit and not just the machine itself.

It also means that you'll have additional upkeep costs if you don't already own a large shed or storage facility of your own where you can keep it all safe from theft, inclement weather, etc. However, it does generally provide homeowners with more power and torque than their push counterparts do. If you do choose to go with a riding mower, make sure that you keep the blades sharp at all times so it is easier for them to cut through dense grass or thicker brush without getting stuck.

If possible, try not to go over things like rocks or branches on the ground; it's better for these items to get picked up by the machine instead of getting stuck underneath and damaging your unit in the process.

Are zero turns good for hills?

It's true that zero turns are better equipped to go uphill as opposed to a standard riding mower, but there are some things that homeowners need to keep in mind. First of all, these machines sometimes come with an elevated seat so it is difficult for the user or operator to see everything clearly without having a clear line of sight down the front part of the directional deck. It also provides less ground clearance than a traditional unit which may cause problems when going over uneven terrain and curbs so they tend not to be good choices for professionals who cut on steep hillsides regularly or those people who have more severe inclines in their yard.

Zero turns also tend not to have very much power compared with other types of lawn mowers as well as gasoline-powered riding mowers, so it works best when homeowners are dealing with less demanding landscaping tasks.

Are hydrostatic mowers good for hills?

Hydrostatic mowers are great for hills because they have the ability to adjust the speed according to what's being cut so if there are sections of your lawn that are on a steep incline, it won't have any trouble powering through it. The only thing that homeowners need to worry about with this type of unit is making sure that they charge their batteries or refill their fuel tanks before beginning work so there aren't any hiccups when trying to use their machine. These units also tend not to have very much power compared with conventional riding mowers and zero turns which may be an issue in some cases.

Can you go up hills in a push mower?

It's true that even push models tend to struggle when going up a slope so if you really want to work with a push mower in a hilly landscape, you'll have to go over the area more than once. This is especially true because most units don't have very much motivation or power when they're being pushed forward so it's difficult for them to maintain traction on hillsides that aren't completely flat.

If you do happen to be using one of these lawnmowers, make sure that the grass is nice and dry so there won't be any slippage due to excess moisture. Also, always wear safety glasses, gloves, long sleeves/long pants, sunscreen/hat etc. so as not to injure yourself while operating your unit. If you are worried about warranty issues or repairs for a push mower on a hill, I recommend you go with a riding mower instead. They have better maneuverability and are great for hillsides.

Can you use a push lawn mower on steep hills?

It is possible to use this type of unit on mildly inclined slopes such as the ones that may be found in well-manicured parks or backyards, but it can be difficult getting up inclines that are really severe since they don't offer much traction when they're being pushed forward. Also, if there is excess moisture due to rainfall, dew, sprinklers etc., then push units tend to slip and slide which can lead to accidents and injuries. If homeowners want to use one of these machines in an area with a super-steep grade, they should find what's known as a walk-behind mower.