Surprising Results Top 5 BEST Gas Lawn Mowers Under $300

Let’s admit it, finding a good gas lawnmower under a tight budget is quite difficult. Because there are too many options available and most of them are not up to the mark. And honestly speaking most of the cheap gas mowers are generally Chinese knockoff. And it’s better to stay away from them.

So For this article, I’ll give my honest review on some of the top 5 best gas lawn mowers under $300.

1) Yard Machines Gas Lawn Mower

Best Gas Lawnmowers -Yard Machines Gas Lawn Mower

Yard machine 20-inch gas mower is an entry-level gas mower for small to medium yards. Thus, the design of the mower also follows the same trend. It is the most stripped-down version of any gas mower but for the very right reason. Not only the minimal design helps to make it very budget-friendly. But also keeps the weight of the mower down.

Ease of use

Talking about the usage, a Yard machine 20-inch gas mower is quite easy to use. It starts almost immediately after pulling the cord.

Moreover, the mower has 7 inches smaller wheels. But due to its lightweight weight nature, it is quite maneuverable for average yard work. This makes it very user friendly for everyone including kids and elderly people.

Mowing Performance

Yard machine 20-inch gas mower is powered by a 132cc OHV engine. The engine is quite powerful for its size and perfect for small to medium-sized yards. It is also quite reliable and runs steadily without stalling even once.

Moreover, the mower has a 20-inch wide deck that houses a super sharp blade. Due to its large size, the mower can cover a larger area in less duration. This helps to save a ton of time that you can use on other things of your choice.

Apart from this, the yard machine gas mower also has a height adjustment option. You can adjust the height to 3 different steps to get the ideal trim size. However, as the engine is small and entry-level. It sometimes struggles with relatively thick or high grass.

So make sure not to use grass that is not suitable for this mower. Moreover, the mower has only a side discharge option which was quite disappointing for us.

2) Lawn-Boy Gas Lawn Mower

Best Gas Lawnmowers - Lawn Boy Gas Lawn Mower

Lawn-Boy 17732 has a simple but yet functional design. Due to its simple design, it is very easy to assemble. You just have to attach the handle to use it and this will hardly take around 10 mins to do it properly. Moreover, the mower is also quite compact and can be easily stored as compared to other mowers.

Easy to Use:

The mower has a pull start which is quite a consistency and starts in one pull every time. It features a self-propelled feature. The speed of the self-propelled feature is quite manageable for an average person. It definitely improves cutting time and reduces fatigue quite significantly.

And combined with its lightweight nature makes it easy to push even on sloped areas. It is also quite easy to maneuver around the corners due to a smaller size. Thus, almost anyone including children and elderly people can use it.

Mowing Performance

Talking about its performance, Lawn boy 17732 is powered by a 149cc engine. It is a Kohler OHV engine that can generate 6.5 ft.-lb. of gross torque. Due to this, it is quite powerful as well as capable to cut almost any kind of grass.

Moreover, the mower features 21 inches wide Tri-cut deep dome deck. Due to its design, the airflow produced by the blades lifts grass up which results in a very fine as well as clean. You can pretty much mow through high grass with very little effort.

Along with this, you also get a 6 step height adjustment system which ranges from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches. It allows you to change the cutting height according to your liking. But instead of a single-point lever, you have a two-point adjustment lever.

Thus, you have to adjust both the rear and front end which some people like and some people don’t. Moreover, it comes with a grass catcher bag that does its job quite nicely. Overall, the bag is quite large and you don’t have to empty it frequently. 


Lightweight, easy to use.

Cut with ease

Great maneuverability

Powerful engine Comes it 6 step height adjust system

Consist of a self-propelled feature.


Not suitable for large lawns

Need maintenance

3) CRAFTSMAN Gas Lawnmower

Best Gas Lawnmowers - Craftsman Gas Lawnmower
Ease of use and design

Craftsman is known for delivering a high-quality product. And this mower is no exception. From the very start, you will notice how easy it is to start this mower. It is a regular pull starting but the thing is it comes with automatic choke feature.

This makes the starting the engine, less frustrating for a person like me, who is very bad with pull start.

Apart from this, it also comes with collapsible handlebars that are very rare in mowers. This allows you to store the mower vertically and save you up 70% of storage space.

Mowing Performance

Craftsman 11A-U2V2791 is powered with 149cc Briggs and Stratton engine. The engine is quite powerful and delivers good torque for a heavy job. Due to this, you can easily tackle any path of thick, high, or wet grass with even cutting. Along with this, the mower has a 21-inch wide cutting deck, that houses a super sharp blade.

Because of its large size, you can cover large areas in less duration. Which makes it fit for medium to large-sized yards. Moreover, the mower also features a height adjusting mechanism. You can choose from 6 different height positions that range from 1.25 inches to 3.75 inches.

But all this is can be done with dual lever controls that some people like and some people not. Apart from this, the mower has 3-in-1 discharge functionality. This allows you to mulch, bag, or side discharge the grass according to your preference.

Mulching is something that we really like in this mower, it really minces the grass into small pieces. And return the nutrition as well as add some nitrogen back to the soil. Lastly, you get a grass catcher bag that quite large and does its job nicely. 


Has collapsed vertical storage

Has 6 height settings

Comes with 21-inch cutting deck

Has powerful 149 cc gasoline engine

Consist of automatic choke for easy starting


Bagger can be very heavy when full

Needs seasonal maintenance and oil changes.

4) PowerSmart Gas Lawn Mower

Best Gas Lawnmowers - PowerSmart Gas Lawn Mower

The design of PowerSmart PSM2322SR is very functional and relatively simple. The mower has a classic red and black look the suits it quite well. Due to its simple design, the assembly of the mower is very easy and fast.

Even a person who is a beginner will hardly take around 10 mins to do it properly. Moreover, the mower comes with a quick folding feature that makes the mower compact. This allows you to store the mower tidily in a relatively small space after use.

Easy to Use:

The mower has a self-propelled feature which helps to reduce the fatigue caused by constant pushing. The mower also features a pull start but surprisingly, it is quite consistent and easy to start. People like me, who totally suck at pull starting, will find it very convenient to use.

Lastly, the maneuverability of the mower around the corners is very good. A combination of big tires at the back and small tires at the front, really makes it very easy to control even for kids.

Mowing Performance

Powersmart PSM2322SR features a 200cc OHV gas engine. The engine is a 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine that powerful enough to provide continuous mowing performance. So that you can cut patches of thick and tall grass effortlessly. Along with this, the mower has a 22-inch wide deck that is quite huge for its particular job.

Due to its size, you can easily cover a large amount of area in relatively less time. Moreover, the blade of the mower comes super sharp from the factory and does not need any touch up what so ever.

It is also quite durable and does not need constant maintenance after heavy work as other mowers do. Apart from this, the mower comes with a single lever height adjustment system.

You can choose from any 5 levels of height which ranges from 1.2inches to 3.5inches. And allows you to get a finish that you prefer according to your needs.

Lastly, the mower also features a 3 in 1 discharge feature that allows you to mulch, bag, or side discharge the grass. For this, you also get a 14.6-gallon grass catcher bag to save you some bucks. 


Easy to use.

Nice cutting power

Great maneuverability

Powerful engine Comes it 5 step height adjust system

Consist of a self-propelled feature.

Consist of compact storage


Not suitable for large lawns

Need maintenance

5) Mellcom Gas Lawn Mower

Best Gas Lawnmowers-Mellcom Gas Lawn Mower

At the very first glance, you can tell that it is a well-built mower. Everything about it screams quality and you can also see this in its design.

All the parts of the mower are very sturdy and made up of high-quality plastic. Apart from its built, the mower has a fast-folding design that easily folds the handle. This makes the mower very compact and greatly reduces storage space in your garage.

Ease of use

Mellcom mower comes with a pull starter that wakes up the engine almost instantly. And the good thing is that it is quite consistent.

This makes it very user friendly and easy to use for even kids and elderly people. Apart from this, the mower rolls over the grass very smoothly due to lightweight nature.

You can easily maneuver around the corner like a big toy car with handles. Moreover, The handle grips are also covered with a layer of foam covering which dampens any vibration.

This makes it very comfortable to push. And you also get tired even after repeatedly starting and stopping the mover.

Mowing performance

Talking about the performance, Mellcom gas mower is powered by a 173cc OHV gas engine. The torque produced by this engine is quite, equal to the power of any other well-known gas engine in the same category.

If you are not familiar with it, you might be surprised how well this mower performs. Along with this, the mower features 21 inches wide cutting deck. The blade inside does a fantastic job of cutting the thick and tall patch of grass. And delivers a crisp as well as clean cutting that looks very pristine. Moreover, the mower has 8 step cutting height adjustment system.

That provides you flexible cutting experience. Not only this, but it also has an off-set trimming head that allows you to trim hard to reach places. However, this needs a good amount of care as well as control to finish the job according to your wish.

Apart from this, the mower has different discharge options like any other good mower. You can mulch, bag or side discharge the grass with minimal setup. 


Easy to use

Good design highly maneuverable

Powerful engine Comes with 8 step height adjust system

Consist of fast-folding handle


Front wheels are flimsy

Need maintenance

How to maintain Gas Lawnmower

These are a few things that you can do to maintain your self propelled mower to increase its lifespan.

Read Your Owner’s Manual:

Yes, you read it right, reading the included manual is very important before any maintenance work. There are times when we overestimate our skills and think that we know everything.

There are certain things that vary from machine to machine which you can only get through manual. Therefore, always go through the owner’s manual before any operation.

Always Disconnect Your Spark Plugs:

You don’t know how many times I have done this mistake of not disconnect the spark plugs. It is my sheer luck that nothing happens to me. Luck will run out eventually. So always make sure to remove spark plugs before maintenance.

This will prevent blades from accidentally starting injuring you. Once you do this you’re ready to work.

Clean Your Mower:

Cleaning comes first, with all the repeated mowing, your mower is going to enjoy it. Start with the surface by blowing or brushing off any surface debris.

Once everything on the surface is out, it is time to deep clean the mower. Take a garden hose flush out dirt from underneath the deck. You can also gently lean your mower on its side to rinse the mower deck. If something is lodged, use a stick to remove it instead of your hands because it can dangerous.

Change the Air Filter:

After cleaning is done, it is time to show some love to the engine. If your mower uses an air filter, it is time to change it to keep the air clean. You should do it regularly to keep your engine fuel-efficient and healthy.

When it comes to how often you should do this, it will totally depend on your usage. If you are a heavy user, replace your air filter at least every 3 months.

Replace Spark Plugs and engine oil:

Similar to air filters, spark plugs also need replacement to keep your mower running. Therefore, always replace your spark plug once per season. This will help the engine to start easily and use fuel in an efficient way.

Regularly Change Your Oil Similar to cars and bikes. Your mower also requires a regular oil change. It is very important for the health and functioning of the engine. It not only prevents your engine from seizing up but also helps you to provide smooth operation.

Therefore, do it once every spring or summer, or every 50 hours of use.

How to Choose a Gas Lawnmower



The engine should be your number one priority when choosing a gas mower. It will determine how well your mower performs under heavy load. Therefore, you should choose a mower according to your need. If your cutting conditions are tough.

And you have to deal with thick as well as wet grass choose a larger capacity engine. It will have enough power to give you very clear-cutting.

Cutting height and width:

After the engine, look for cutting height and width of the mower. A variable cutting height is very important. Because different conditions need different cutting setup. Therefore, choose a mower that gives you maximum height adjustments by moving a few levers.

Along with this, also consider the cutting width or size of the deck. Because it will determine the amount of time it will take to cut a given lawn. Compare to the mower with different deck sizes. More will be the width, the less it will take you to cut.


Self-propulsion is another feature to consider if you are looking for a bigger mower. As the bigger mower will be a lot heavy to push around the yard.

Self-propulsion will take some of the strain off you. you still have to push, but now it will be more tolerable, especially going uphill.

Ease Of Maintenance:

Lastly, you should also consider the ease of maintenance. Maintenance is a big thing when you have a lot of moving parts. Usually, good quality lawn mower needs less maintenance than lower quality mowers. Choose an option that is fit for your yard and requires less maintenance. 

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